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I really really love colors. But sometimes, colors should not always be bright and distinct. And I think it’s very natural for us to miss that low saturated mood. This is why I keep searching for more Instagram accounts that can feed me with their beautiful earthy toned pictures. One of my favorites is Beth Kirby of Local Milk. Her works can take me to certain kind of mood, and I swear I can even smell the atmosphere that she brings through the pictures.

Kirby is a stylist, photographer, writer and recipe developer. Her passion of living in the present through gathering, wandering, nesting, making, cooking, and styling is beautifully captured on her blog and her Local Milk Retreats.

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For me, the best thing about Kirby is how her pictures and stories can really leave that particular after taste that makes you want to explore more. Her styling is more than just lovely arrangement. It’s quiet. It’s chaotic. It’s the kind of life that you knowby heart.

And if you really are craving for more, go to her Pinterest and Instagram. You’ll find hundreds of beautiful things to pin and love (Sssh, I also love her style)

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By October 25, 2014 Events

Flowers, chocolates, and lots of pretty colors filled our days last week end. After waiting for almost 2 years since we started this blog, finally we can collaborate in-person with Ayang Cempaka. We knew her since  2010 through online world, but never had a chance to meet because she’s been living in Dubai these past few years. So we were lucky enough to host these four ‘painting with gouache’ classes with her last weekend!

One of the funniest things was we never really had a meeting with Ayang. Every single preparation and updates for this event were shared through WhatsApp and emails. And our real encounter with Ayang was one day before the workshop. But Ayang is fast and fun to collaborate with. And we found her to be very humorous and quite…sprightly.

She was a bit nervous about giving workshop for the first time. But Ayang’s fun and friendly personality made all the workshops went pretty smooth. The sweet smell of chocolate from Pipiltin Cocoa‘s chocolate grinding machine greeted the participants, accompanied by gorgeous flower bouquet from Atelier Fleuri by Natasha Roesli that was also served as an inspirations. We began the workshop with a little introduction to Living Loving and Ayang Cempaka brand. Ayang also shared her painting supplies and tips for beginners. Then, she taught the participants some basic strokes and shapes. Every participant got painting kit like brushes, palette, pencil, eraser, watercolor paper, some gouache in basic colors, and Ayang Cempaka’s custom paper folder to store the participant’s painting projects. Then, Ayang showed us how to make a simple flower arrangement on paper, from scratch. And after that, the participants were free to paint the sketches over with gouache.

If you’re interested in taking class like this, subscribe your e-mail to our newsletter. Newsletter form is on the side bar of this blog. :)



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When I first arrived at Home Mate, I could say that this is one of my favorite shops in Bali. The atmosphere was calm yet charming, and I couldn’t get my eyes off all beautiful things displayed at this little gem located in Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali. All the good things at Home Mate are carefully curated and remind you of..well..home.

Home Mate is also a small cafe with delicious sweets to accompany your tea or coffee. Oriana, the friendly representative of Home Mate showed us their various kinds of Bellocq tea and fresh baking cakes. So, you can indulge your taste bud while admiring selected well made home decor, furniture and little stuff displayed at this simply decorated store.

What I love about this store is definitely the product. All these stuff were curated by the owner, Imelda Widjaja who’s also the lady behind Jewel Rocks. But unlike Jewel Rocks which often brought more vibrant, free spirited soul with nature vibe through their line of accessories. Most of the items that were displayed in Home Mate are simple, mute colored goods that remind me much of Japanese influenced products. The prices are quite reasonable too. I bought a wooden serving board for Rp85.000.

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Clay must feel happy in the good potter’s hand

Demikian juga sebaliknya. Rasanya menyenangkan saat membenamkan tangan pada tanah liat hingga mulai mengolah bentuknya. Dan pada hari Sabtu minggu lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk mengikuti langsung proses pembuatan keramik bersama Ayu Larasati. Workshop diadakan di Indoestri Makerspace, Jakarta. Seperti namanya, tempat yang diprakarsai oleh desainer Leonard Theosabrata ini memang sengaja dibuat sebagai workspace yang memungkinkan setiap orang untuk bisa datang dan belajar menikmati proses sebuah kreasi. Nah, sebelum Indoestri membuka aktivitasnya untuk umum secara resmi, selama bulan Oktober 2014 makerspace pertama di Jakarta ini mengadakan workshop serta free Indoestri tour setiap minggunya. Jenis workshop-nya pun sesuai dengan area-area yang ada di Indoestri, yaitu woodworking, metalworking, textile & leather, dan finishing.








Setibanya di tempat workshop, saya pun diminta untuk melakukan registrasi ulang dan mengenakan self made apron dari Indoestri. Dibuka dengan pengenalan dari Leonard Theosabrata mengenai Indoestri dan pengantar pottery class pada hari itu, workshop pun langsung dilanjutkan oleh Ayu Larasati dalam menjelaskan proses pembuatan tembikar, yang kemudian diikuti dengan demo singkat. Semua peserta tampak sangat antusias. Setiap mata tertuju lekat pada kedua tangan Ayu yang sangat lincah dalam mengolah clay (tanah liat). Dan voila! Dalam sekejap, seonggok tanah liat yang basah itu pun berubah menjadi sebuah clay bowl yang cantik. Selepas demo, para peserta break makan siang sejenak. Suasana yang hangat dengan jumlah peserta yang terbatas membuat kami semua dapat berbaur dengan mudah.  Percakapan yang intim dan menyenangkan pun langsung terbangun pada sesi break tersebut. :)


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By October 15, 2014 Wishlist
LL-wishlist october- feature

Preparing a party for your kids? You can add some DIY decor such as paper garlands or small milk bottle with paper straw. Or you can use a mini memo clip, scented candle, and cool canvas coaster to decorate the room. Looking for party favor idea? How about some playful plushies? Check out these items to add more fun to your little one’s special day.


1. FIL Memo Clip by Ombree Living, Rp50.000/pcs
Add fun to your table with these little troops. Other than to hold your mini note, you can also use it as a place card holder. Just slip a card with your guest name on the clip, and put it on the placemat or pretty plate. Available in various color.

2. Raspberry Blackberry Candle by Lotta Gift, Rp85.000
Handmade scented candle with fruity scents that can create a sweet ambience on your party. You can customized the lid with different fabric pattern. Comes in a 200ml jar and has 30 hours burn time.

3. Coaster by Ombree Living, Rp35.000/ pair
Don’t worry about wet table from condensation on glass or cold bottle. Use this 10x10cm canvas coaster with 4 pattern to pick: polka dots, houndstooth, and two colors of stripes.

4. Jazz Bass by Heartmade, Rp50.000
This musical instrument plushies is a great gift idea for a kids’ birthday. Sized 33x15x8 cm, made from fleece, filled with dacron fiber, and fully handsewn! Also available in other types of sizes and shapes like guitar, piano, and dolls.

photo credit: Living Loving, Ombree Living, and Heartmade

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