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Back in September 2014, when me and Miranti were searching for a space to held our painting workshop with Ayang Cempaka. We met Tissa Aunilla, Irvan Helmi and Cindy Herlin of Pipiltin Cocoa. We loved this chocolate cafe and factory because they have a perfect spot for the workshop. And these Pipiltin folks were very friendly too.

Around that time, the idea of collaboration between Pipiltin Cocoa and Ayang was already in the air. They both very enthusiastic about having a creative project together. So, we were so excited to know that the progress of Pipiltin Cocoa x Ayang Cempaka Tabanan Bali Series Bars rolled so fast that this month they already released their special chocolate hampers.

And on this early December, I had a chance to watch (and being a ‘hand’ model. hehe. got to mention this!) the product photo session at Pipiltin Cocoa. It was a collaboration photo shoot of Ayang and Dita Wistarini a.k.a @ditut a.k.a Mamin. It really was fascinating to see how they work together. And it was fun too, because there were friends around.  Martha Puri of Idekuhandmade and Natasha Roesli of Fleuri (who brought beautiful flowers and leaves) came to meet Ayang, because it was Ayang’s last days in Indonesia before she flew back to Dubai. I was so happy to meet these creative ladies. And thank you Puri for the cute pouch! :*

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Bicara soal rumah, memikirkan jenis dan penataan tanaman di rumah sering nggak masuk daftar prioritas saya dan suami. Kami berdua sama-sama nggak paham tumbuhan, apalagi berkebun. Beda banget dengan mertua atau Ibu saya yang memang hobi memelihara tanaman di rumah. Tanaman yang ada di rumah kami sebagian besar “warisan” dari orangtua. Bahkan, kami pun punya cita-cita kalau suatu saat punya rumah yang dibangun sendiri, akan menyisihkan sebagian lahan untuk rumput hijau. Bukan untuk banyak pot tanaman. Karena selama ini kami merasa, selain perawatannya perlu diperhatikan terus, tanaman juga menghabiskan banyak lahan.

Tapi dua minggu lalu, teman-teman dari Owloook mengirimkan dua the sky planter by Boskke yang bikin saya langsung berubah pikiran dan mulai melihat kira-kira bagian rumah mana yang bisa dipasang tanaman. Sekarang, sky planter-nya kami pasang di kantor suami dulu, deh. :)

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By December 16, 2014 Events

A few weeks ago, we had a chat with Dian from Kemala Home Living and Maesy from The Dusty Sneakers. The four of us wanted to create a small intimate gathering on books named Cups and Pages. We set the date and invited the guests. Cups and Pages Volume 1 (7/12) at Casadina, Kuningan, Jakarta featured Tyas of Juzztyas, Yudhi Puspa (Tia) of Rumah Dua Pohon, Titi Akmar of Titiw and Vina of Bracodemag.

We first introduced ourselves, a bit about our blog, and a sneakpeek about our book. Then we take turn to explain each books, about what we love from it and how does it inspire us in our blogging practice.

Dian shared her thoughts on a book Bright Bazaar. She found this book very inspiring and gave her a lot of ideas on how to arrange colors and decorate a place with a style. Then, Tyas shared some of her favorite book for 2014, which is a three-volumes autobiography of Muhammad Hatta, our first vice-president. She also brought Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin by Sindhunata. This beautifully writen novel are an interpretation of Javanese version of Ramayana by Romo Sindhu. Tyas said that she loves the poetic words and the moral values in it.cups-and-pages-volume-1 Read More

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