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Paint your walls white and you can choose any colors you feel right. This is why we really heart Myra and Ecang’s bedroom. Their plain white painted bedroom blends with amazing pops of colors. And this bedroom filled with interesting stuff too, and some of them are DIYs. Myra showed us her DIY wall clock, and it’s really really pretty. Then we pointed at this cute tissue cover, Myra told us it was Ecang’s DIY thing. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a full story of these DIY things later. ;)

Thank you Myra and Ecang for this lovely nest tour. Oh, and we can not forget those super yummy meatballs and marmalade.

















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how you describe your (decor) style?
Simple and raw, complemented with solid colors and unusual embellishments.
which of your personalities we can see in your bedroom?
independent and adventurous
where did you buy most of your stuff in your bedroom?
We got our stuff from many places. Some of them were handed down from our family and some we found in traditional or flea markets. New stuff were bought from stores like IkeaMujiInforma and even hypermarts like Carrefour.
what song are in your playlist when you’re in the bedroom?
We currently listen to keroncong every morning, Payung Teduh, Pizzicato Five, and French compilations including Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt.

Simple, functional, modern, in love with details. Nike menghabiskan masa kecilnya di Kepulauan Riau dan Sulawesi Tenggara, membuatnya merasa berbeda sejak kembali tinggal di Jakarta dan suka menikmati tempat baru. Mulai blogging sejak tahun 2000, bahkan ketika istilah blog belum ada. Ketertarikannya akan dunia media dan kreatif sudah ada sejak masih sekolah. Sebelum menjalankan Living Loving, Nike bekerja selama 7,5 tahun di industri media, kreatif dan digital. Kamu bisa melihat dan menyapanya juga di Instagram (@nikeprima) dan nike (at) livingloving (dot) net


  1. Meity

    18 February

    Inspiratif :D

  2. Halo Nike dan Miranti..suka dengan blognya nie..inspiratif banget:).. Yes, I do agree..just paint the room in white and let the colors of the decorations speak up..and it does really least in my bed+work room too..Thumbs up yaa..

    • Miranti

      26 March

      Yes, white wall is like a blank canvas. Bebas mau dikreasiin dan ‘dilukis’ dgn warna apa saja. Makasih ya udah mampir ke blog kami. Ayo dishare foto kamarnya ke twitter livingloving :D

  3. Annisa

    1 August

    mbak ada referensi ga nyari rugs lucu2 gitu dimana ya? hehe
    anw, i’m so into scandinavian style, naksir berat sama bedsheetnya ;)

    • Nike Prima

      1 August

      we heart scandinavian style too.. :D
      karpet/rugs yang lucu-lucu? kadang suka liat di Informa, atau kalau kamu di Jakarta bisa juga cek Temple Trees (dia modelnya stripes dengan kombinasi aneka macam warna). Kalau karpet di kamar Myra + Ecang ini setauku dari IKEA. :)

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