Berawal dari terbatasnya referensi blog lokal yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan minat, maka kami, Miranti dan Nike, membuat Living Loving yang diluncurkan bulan Februari 2013.

Kami ingin berbagi hal-hal inspiratif, seperti dekorasi, proyek DIY (Do It Yourself), figur kreatif, tempat atau apapun yang menarik di sekitar kami.

Sebelumnya, kami adalah teman sekampus yang menjadi rekan satu tim untuk sebuah program lifestyle di stasiun televisi lokal Jakarta. Saat ini kami menikmati peran sebagai ibu dan istri sambil bekerja di bidang kreatif, media dan media sosial.

Kami percaya bahwa inspirasi bisa datang dari mana saja, termasuk dari hal-hal sederhana di sekitar kita. :)



“If you can’t find one, create one.”

It started when we felt like there weren’t enough references among the local blog for home decor, DIY tutorial, creative and living ideas. So, we decided to create our own blog.

We have known each other for more than 10 years, went into the same university and worked together as a creative team in a local TV station in Jakarta. As years go by, we found out that—despite our very different taste of music and fashion—we have the same interest for home and decor. Then, after a series of little chats over the internet, we decided to collaborate once more to start this Living Loving project.

In Living Loving, you’ll find our favorite things, people, DIY projects, anything that catches our interest. We want to share anything that inspires us, in the hope that we can inspire you too.

We believe that inspiration can comes from everywhere, even from simple lovely things around us.

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Nike Prima
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Simple, functional, modern, in love with details. Music is her first love. It leads her to where she is right now. Spent her childhood in three different parts of Indonesia. Her first real job was at local TV station, where she teamed up with Miranti. She’s a part of Creative Junkies and a freelance writer. She’s enjoying her life as a mom, a wife, a lucky woman who loves her jobs.
t: @mamiraz
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Always had an affair with food, books, pretty paper, and double tape. Loves to create a handmade card for friends and family. She teamed up with Nike on her first job at a local tv station. Used to work as a writer at Martha Stewart Living Indonesia for two and a half years where she found loads of ideas & inspirations. Now she lives her wonderful life as a wife, a mother, and a daydreamer.