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Jalan-jalan. Buat urusan yang satu ini kami, apalagi saya, sering impulsif. Minggu lalu, beberapa hari sebelum ulang tahun saya. Saya iseng mengajak Miranti dan Kitty buat nemenin saya jalan-jalan dalam rangka ulang tahun. Mereka langsung OK (Hore!) dan kami pun langsung susun rencana. Ya, sebenarnya nyusun rencanapun seadanya saja karena kami berangkat hari Selasa, 2 September 2014, tapi kami harus nyiapin ‘Living Loving’s Class: Play with Flowers’ yang diadakan hari Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014.

Akhirnya kami cuma memilih 4 tujuan utama. Co&Co Space, Kandura Keramik, Miss Bee Providore dan piknik di Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda. Kami berangkat Selasa pagi dari Jakarta dan sampai di Bandung sekitar pukul 10. Berhubung Co&Co Space letaknya nggak jauh dari pintu keluar tol Pasteur, jadi kami langsung deh mampir ke sana. Co working space baru di Bandung ini punya kapasitas yang lumayan besar dan dilengkapi ruang meeting serta tempat kerja untuk disewa. Di sana kami juga sempat ketemu teman-teman dari DFORM, termasuk Nyanya, blogger favorit kami dari The Babybirds. Ada juga teman-teman dari Omoi yang kebetulan juga berkantor di sana.



Setelah itu, kami langsung ke workshop Kandura Keramik. Kandura adalah salah satu brand lokal favorit kami selama ini. Makanya dari dulu kami penasaran ingin mampir ke workshop mereka. Sayangnya waktunya selalu nggak memungkinkan. Lokasi Kandura nggak di pusat kota, tapi berbekal Google Maps kami sukses sampai di sana tanpa nyasar. Ghya dan Nuri pun menyambut kami, dan sudah bisa ditebak..mata kami jelalatan melihat segala pernak-pernik keramik yang bertebaran di penjuru ruang kantor Kandura. Setelah beberapa teguk teh, kopi dan obrolan santai, kami pun diajak ke workshop mereka. Lagi-lagi rasanya pengen nyulik setiap keramik yang ada di depan mata. Desain mereka yang khas membuat produk mereka mudah dikenali (dan tentunya dikoleksi). Kemarin saya nggak membawa pulang apa-apa, tapi jujur masih kepikiran beberapa keramik yang ada di sana. Tapi saya memang sengaja mau “bertapa” dulu sebelum mutusin beli yang mana. Hihihi.


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By September 4, 2014 Events

Last week, we threw another gathering party and played with flowers again. Still used the same theme with the previous event, Afternoon Delight, we played with fresh flowers. The difference is this time we didn’t use roses and we only had two tutorials: making a corsage and a flower crown. We held Living Loving Class: Play with Flowers in two sessions so that more people could join the fun. For this class, we use Golden Rod, Peacock, and Carnation.

We got a chance to met a lot of new friends and spent the entire afternoon cutting, arranging, and transforming a bunch of pretty flowers into a handmade accessories. And yes, it was very messy with sprigs, wires, and leaves everywhere. But it was a beautiful mess. We had a lot of fun and we couldn’t help ourselves to snapped pictures every now and then. You can check the pictures that we captured on Instagram with the hashtag #LLclass.

It’s been a fun event and it sure was a delight to collaborated again with Kitty Manu and Claradevi. And also thank you to our lovely sponsors: Jungle Audio Post for the chic and cozy workshop space, Lolitatoo who gave its newly released Ayang Cempaka’s tattoo series for us and 4 lucky doorprize winners, and also Nuna’s Koekjes and Nuna’s Baked Goods who provided delicious baked goods like mini muffins and mini savory pies. Each participants also get to brought a jar of Nuna’s cookies with them as souvenirs.






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By September 1, 2014 contributor, Places

Deciding to take my study in creative entrepreneurship has its perk: it is highly suggested that I go out of the class to see how creativity works in London. After ten months, I understood why this city is a haven for creative industry. Innovation, creativity, and intellectual property are the buzzword of the city and one can see them in almost every corner.

London becomes even so dear to me because it has a pinch of Jakarta, and how it could be if Jakarta’s potentials are fulfilled. The tale of two cities includes urban high paced lives, diverse culture, routines, and frugality. In London, the use of creativity as a tool to exploit these components is apparent when one goes to its market.

Take Brixton for an example. Brixton is a suburb in south part of London, about 45 minutes by bus from Central London. It is an emerging area popular with the mixture of rich culture and renowned music scene (try O2 Academy in Brixton where Manic Street Preachers just hit the stage for their latest album and Lauren Hill will perform this September), and of course there’s Brixton Village.



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By August 28, 2014 contributor, DIY

I think the most exciting thing about DIY project is the process of combining your favorite elements together to create something that you would love. Somehow it reminds me of shibui/shibumi, a concept of inner meaning rather than superficial adornment, of simplicity, tranquility, subtle and unobtrusive beauty; because you put effort into it, you make plans, you use your imagination, and you have a ‘me time’ to learn, you put a little bit of yourself to the project. I’m not a real crafter. No, seriously, I’m not. But sometimes I like to create something just because I’m bored. Haha.

So one day my boss gave me 2 rolls of masking or washi tape. And then on one lazy Sunday, I had this idea to decorate my so-affordable-yet-cute lamp that I bought from IKEA with those washi tapes. SGD $5 people! God bless you, dear IKEA! Actually I liked the simplicity of it. It’s all white with scandinavian design. I don’t really like things with patterns – unless the pattern is really pretty, still I prefer stuff with plain nice color. The best thing of decorating stuff with washi tape is that it’s repositionable and removable for when you get tired of it. :D


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By August 25, 2014 DIY, Events

So, we’ve told you about our past ‘Afternoon Delight: Play with Flowers’ event, but we never really talked about the details of that lovely day. First of all, let us introduce you about ‘Afternoon Delight’. Afternoon Delight is an event of sharing and making. Imagine this: a laid back afternoon with (new) friends where you can have fun making beautiful things and sharing lovely stories that can inspire others. We always try to make Afternoon Delight an intimate gathering, with just a few participants, so that everyone can get to know each other. We also want everyone to feel comfortable and have a quality conversation with us and their new friends. These things came true on our first Afternoon Delight a couple of months ago.






Last month (July 12 2014), we had our second Afternoon Delight. It was a first collaboration project with our crafty friend, Kitty Manu. We share some tutorials on how to made a simple hand bouquet, pretty corsage, and fresh flower crown. We did all the late-night-meeting-through-WhatsApp-thing, brainstorming, decorating, supplies hunting to seat arranging by ourselves. It was fun and we’re amazed to see how productive Kitty was! We also collaborated with Ms. Claradevi who’s also a creative blogger. She has her own ‘floral head crown’ online store, Inspiredbyluce, so we asked her to share her tips on making the crown.



One of the differences between Afternoon Delight and our regular Living Loving Class is that in Afternoon Delight we present the participants with extra lovely things in their goodie bags. This time, it was a special goodies from Rumah Dua Pohon and Linoluna. Linoluna provided beautiful patterned cushion covers and greeting cards for everyone at Afternoon Delight. We always heart their picks. If you’re looking for modern yet chic home decor and paper goods, you should check out Linoluna. While Yudhi Puspa Tia (Tia) from Rumah Dua Pohon provided an art print for the goodie bag. We also collaborated with Tia on the decor too. Together we created a lovely arch from leaves and flowers as our photo background. Tia is an architect and blogger who has a big passion in art, especially painting. She’s also into decor, you can check one of her decor works on our ‘DIY White and Pastel Wedding‘ post.

The event went great and we all had a lot of fun. The perticipants could not wait to strike a pose at the photo booth with their own creations. Some was neat, some a bit messy, but all were wonderful! Yes, Afternoon Delight is not about how great your end result is. It’s about the beauty of the process of creating something by your own hand. This event is not only for crafters, but it’s for everyone who loves to learn (maybe new) things together and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to be creatively talented. All that you need is to open up yourself and play along.

We also thank you to the participants, Nia Nastiti and Tia who had posted their own ‘Afternoon Delight’ stories on their blogs. Xx


“the most important factor of art is the love of it.
If you enjoy your craft, the end product is always something you treasure”
-Elizabeth Isaacs


*photos courtesy of Claradevi from Lucedale.

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