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A house that feels like home.

It really is an easy thing to find a good house. But to make your house a home is not only about great looking things you find in home and living stores. A home should be a representation of who you are. It should be filled with stories that have been made by the people who live in it. And this is what we feel when we came to Ayu Larasati and Akbar’s nest. a home that represents the people who live in it.

We’ve been in love with Ayu’s ceramic works for months, and we finally met her for the first time at our Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka on October 2014. Her passion of making ceramics with her two hands amazed us. Ayu and her little family moved to Indonesia last year, after living in Toronto, Canada for more than 10 years.

We finally had a chance to visit her lovely nest and studio last month. Greeted with such a warm welcome. We were surprised that Ayu had already prepared a homemade casserole and Akbar, served us with his grilled chicken and satay. You know…nothing beats a warm welcome and homemade food.

Thank you so much, Akbar, Ayu and Wira. :)

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By February 19, 2015 Event Report

Dian, Maesy, Nike and I agreed  to throw the second meeting of our book club the day after the Valentine’s Day. Although the four of us were not usually celebrate that kind of day, we thought it would be interesting to put a theme around Valentine. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s about love. Love may applied to a lot of things, not only refer to a romantical relationship between two human being. We chose “The Object of My Affection” as the theme for Cups and Pages volume 2. It can be books about your hobby, books that has a theme about family, anything. This time we invited Ayu Larasati, Fransisca Angela, Nazura Gulfira, and Ovi Dading. It’s pretty interesting to see how each of us interpreted the theme.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar was the book that Maesy brought with her. It’s an interesting book because it shows you different versions of a fairy tale, with real illustrations. You think you know the real story about Cinderella? Well, think again. Because the earlier tales tells different stories from the Disney one. Back then, some fairy tales were a bit dark and gory, not as cheerful and (mostly) happy ending like the one we know these days.

As for me, food is one among many objects of my affection. So I brought Feast by Nigella Lawson, a book about how we use food as a way to celebrate life and associated it with certain important moments like Christmas, Eid, wedding, even funeral. It also share some fun facts about the culinary tradition behind every celebration. Nigella also put “Breakfast” chapter in this book because to her it’s like a simple feast to celebrate the fact that we’re alive everyday.

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Then it’s Dian turns to share what she loved most about her book, Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks, a non-fictional book that tells about the world of the deaf. From history of how they were seen and treated in the past, to how important the sign-language to helps the deaf community play their role in this world. Having a relative who has hearing loss, Dian get a lot of insight that helped her to understand more about the deaf culture.

Ayu’s Daring Greatly by Brené Brown was the next book to be put into the spotlight. Ayu shared how it helps her get through one of the most difficult time in her life. The book speaks about how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead. As a person, sometimes we fear about other people perception towards us, so we’re affraid to show vulnerability and chose to look strong instead. Ayu loves how Brene show that it’s okay to be vulnerable so that you can feel more and could motivate yourself to be better and strive for the best. Read More

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By February 12, 2015 Vacancy

Living Loving just blew its candles of 2 years anniversary earlier this month. These past years have been truly amazing for us, with lots of new opportunities. Things have been going so fast and we have TONS of future plans in our heads. But we know it’s impossible for us to do all of these things with just the two of us. So we think it’s about time to seek for an intern who can helps us out on our creative division.

We need someone who can be resourceful when it comes to find home, décor, DIY and lifestyle content that suitable for Living Loving. We want to meet people who has a great attention to details and equally passionate about creative living as much as we do. This is a chance of fun and creative learning.

Responsibilities include
Help us research, compiling and presenting weekly inspirations
Writing posts for the blog, that includes helping us to prep the materials for photoshoot
Studio/ office organization
Helping us to run our events (with an additional fee)
Writing skills (Bahasa Indonesia and English)
Available to work 2-3 days a week
A positive attitude and ability to be organized, multi-tasking, and quick
Ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus.
You must have your own laptop, camera, and be based in Jakarta (our space is at South Jakarta).

Think you’re the one? ;) Read More