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When I tried to make my own cushion cover, i made it with an envelope pattern that didn’t require a zipper because I couldn’t do a neat seam. So when I saw Kemala Home Living’s cushion with their signature zipper, i just thought, “hey, that’s a good idea!”. Instead of hiding the zipper, they just show the zipper on the middle of the cushion cover and incorporated it as a part of the cushion’s design.


The zipper is only on the front side of the cover. So you can safely sleep on the other side of the cushion without being worried about having a zipper marks on your cheeks. We love this chevron patterned cushion cover in white and navy blue. But the cushion cover are also available in other option like floral, stripes, and ikat pattern.

living-kemalahomeliving-kolaseThis 45×45 cm cushion cover is sure to add some fun to your home. Made of lush linen fabric and hypoallergenic silicone cotton filling. You can also order a regular model with a concealed zipper at the side. The price of the cushion covers ranging from IDR 150.000 to IDR 220.000.

Kemala Home Living also offers a variety of traditional chic and organic modern goodness for your everyday life. Besides cushion covers, they’re also sells placemat, tea towel, table runner, wood coasters and cutting board, and apparels like handwoven dresses and skirts. You can check it out at their instagram account @kemalahomelivingYou can also order customized products and bulk orders (50 pieces or more).


The owner, Dian Siradz is a development worker by day, and an interior enthusiast by night. She wants to empower women and the local communities, so she tries to either buy her raw materials locally or work with local craftsmen. She has a big dream for Kemala Home Living to be known worldwide. And we believe she can made it come true. ;)

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By March 20, 2014 Life

Yes, it’s been (almost) a week since our last post. It’s been a week filled with sleepless nights, lots of coffee (or tea) and discussions. We’re preparing for a few things, including a lovely meet up this sunday and we’re so excited!




And thank you for everyone who had joined our giveaway contest. We love books a lot and it’s amazing to see the pictures of your favorite books. You can still submit to this giveaway until 6pm today.



These first three months of 2014 has been very kind to us. More friends, projects and opportunities. We really hope we can manage to execute our plans this year.

You can catch our quick updates on livinglovingnet Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Xx


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By March 14, 2014 Giveaway
Mungkin sebagian dari kita sudah familiar dengan selai dan handmade stationery brand Oma Anna asal Bandung, Jawa Barat. Kami berdua pun termasuk penggemar produk garapan Mei Suling ini. Itu kenapa waktu ke Bandung tahun lalu, kami langsung memasukkan markas Oma Anna di daftar kunjungan wajib. :)
Mulai tahun ini, Oma Anna melakukan rebranding menjadi AOG Indonesia. AOG Indonesia adalah studio kreatif yang terdiri dari Asnarupa untuk handmade stationery, Oma Anna untuk selai dan GunaGenuine untuk handmade goods.
Nah, kali ini Asnarupa ingin membagikan Klasika notebook untuk 5 pembaca Living Loving, yaitu sebuah notebook ukuran A6 dengan spesifikasi 120 lembar kertas daur ulang dengan cover kulit sintetis yang akan digrafir dengan tulisan sesuai keinginan kamu.
Kamu bisa ikut giveaway ini dengan melakukan instruksi berikut.
  1. Follow akun Instagram @AOGindonesia
  2. Foto buku favorit kamu, upload di Instagram dan mention/tag akun Instagram @livinglovingnet
giveaway-AOGindonesia-notebook-livingloving-3 giveaway-AOGindonesia-notebook-livingloving-1
Giveaway akan ditutup hari Kamis, 20 Maret 2014 jam 17.00 WIB, dan kami akan mengumumkan siapa saja 5 pemenangnya pada jam 18.00 WIB di hari yang sama.
Good luck and have a nice weekend, everyone! Xx
ps: buat kamu yang di Jakarta. Mulai hari ini, Jumat 14 Maret sampai Minggu, 16 Maret 2014 nanti AOG Indonesia buka booth di ARTE Indonesia Art Festival, Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. ;)
photos courtesy of AOG Indonesia.
This giveaway is closed. Congrats to our 5 giveaway winners. Thank you all. Xx

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By March 11, 2014 Loving, Places
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I always love spending an afternoon time at a quiet place where I can relax and enjoy every sip of my favorite drink. And one of the best places I’ve ever been to unwind is Kopi Selasar, Bandung, West Java.

A few weeks ago, I came here once again with my friends from work, Imelda and Dyna. It really was a lovely escape that we barely experience during our daily routine in a busy Jakarta.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset loving-kopi-selasar-living-loving-2

Kopi Selasar is located right at the center of Selasar Sunaryo Artspace. Constructed over 4 years by Sunaryo and BaskoroTejdo, Selasar Sunaryo has been open for public since 1998. This artspace consists art galleries, amphitheater, art shop, residence for artists and spaces for exhibitions, performances, discussions and events.

So if you’re interested in contemporary art. You can stroll around the art gallery or buy yourself a merchandise at their art shop, Cinderemata Selasar. Make sure you arrive before 5pm. ;)loving-kopi-selasar-living-loving-4

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By March 6, 2014 One Day In, Places

Some people dreamt about living overseas in a big metropolitan city like Paris, New York, Tokyo, or London. But actually, small cities around the world also has a lot of interesting stories. One of them is New Bedford in America. When we first saw the photos of the city through our friend, Chica’s blog, we love the heartwarming atmosphere of the town. Want to take a closer look? Here’s the delightful story of New Bedford according to Chica.

Tell us about you and where you live

Hi! My name is Puti Ceniza, but most families and friends in Indonesia call me Chica. I’m a homemaker with two little boys that keep me busy all day long (they are 4 and 2 y.o). In my spare time, I do volunteer at local national park and communities, I also part of a non-profit organization called Books For Indonesia, and like most of you I enjoyed taking picture, watching gigs and explore interesting places.

Since September 2010, my little family has been living in the US – in the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts (it is about 55 minutes going south from Boston – to give you the idea where-the-hell-is-that :D).


Why you moved to this city?

We moved (not permanently) from Bandung to this small historic city because my husband, Aradea Hakim, got a fellowship from School of Marine Science in UMass Dartmouth to continue his PhD. But his office is not in the main campus (which is located in Dartmouth town – just 15 minutes from New Bedford), but in New Bedford because it’s closer to the sea – given the fact that the city is US no.1 seaport.


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