By September 29, 2014 Inspiration, Loving
Image courtesy of Miranti Kayess from Pen and Peplum

Ever since I joined Chia’s calligraphy workshop on Workshop Kittykitz, I found a new interest: hand lettering. No, I’m not that good at calligraphy and still needs a LOT of hand-lettering practices. Like on this photo below. I used watercolor, brush, and Pigma brush pen for the quote on the left. I used calligraphy nib, regular ink, and watercolor for the illustration on the “Have a Nice Day” quote.


Still trying to learn how to use brush pen, and my calligraphy lines still look like they all have the same width, haha. But I looove to browse the Instagram to look for inspirations from great hand-lettering artist account with beautiful photos of handwriten words. Sometimes there are some pictures that gives you good mood just by looking at it, and so does this hand-lettering artworks to me. For those of you who loves calligraphy, Maybelle Imasa is probably already on your Instagram’s following list. But there are still a lot of inspiring hand-lettering artist out there. Sometimes I just search for the tags #calligraphy or #handlettering or #brushlettering. Here’s a few of my favorite artist that I’ve been following on Instagram:


For calligraphy, I prefer a more modern approach rather than classic penmanship. I like how Chia from @cforcalligraphy plays with her pen and nib not only to create lovely words but also to draw, like this cute poodle drawing made from calligraphy flourishes (1). Vero, who creates a beautiful centerpiece decorated with calligraphy for our first Afternoon Delight, is filling her instagram account @truffypi with lots of her pretty artwork (2). While Laura Hooper-Leader from @lhcalligraphy shows up not only a beautiful calligraphy and photo styling, but also plenty of wedding-related inspirations (3). And I  like how Karla from @writtenwordcalligraphy combines the hand-lettering with a subtle watercolor painting for her (mostly) wedding-related artwork (4). Read More

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By September 25, 2014 contributor, Places

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Few weeks ago I can’t help to only longingly look at Instagram updates of the lucky people who had the joy to ‘Play with Flowers‘, Living Loving’s latest workshop. They were making corsage and headband out of fresh flowers, so I decided to also play with flower by going  to London’s flower market, Columbia Road, London.
The mixture of scents: roses, fresh leaves and coffee hits you as you enter the road in East London. It may sound like an odd combination, but these smell beautifully compliments the hustle and bustle of sellers and buyers, creating an exciting atmosphere of the market. Flower sellers yelling out “3 for a fiver, the best flowers in London” or “ Who has a fiver, they are welcome to take this away” accompanied by buskers singing 40s and 50s songs was a brilliant soundtrack to my Sunday morning.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers and the market. It is not a surprise that the market is hailed by TimeOut as one of London’s most visually appealing markets.

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By September 20, 2014 Events

Both of us are fans of Ayang Cempaka‘s artwork since a couple of years ago. From pretty notebook to beautiful art prints, Ayang successfully turns her childhood hobby of drawing into a range of well-crafted products. Ayang Cempaka’s product line consists of design and paper goods, such as art print, greeting cards, and stationery alongside custom portrait and wedding invitation. Her art prints also makes a great gift for any occassion.

Since last year, we’ve always wanted to collaborate with Ayang to create a workshop for Living Loving readers. But since she’s living in Dubai, we always wondered when she’ll get back to Indonesia. And a month ago, she’s finally flew back to her home in Yogyakarta, and we cannot wait to ask her to do some collaboration. So we’ve started to arrange this special event with Ayang Cempaka for Living Loving readers.




Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka will take place at Pipiltin Cocoa, Jl. Barito II no.5, Jakarta Selatan. The event will be held in two sessions on October 18th, 2014. The first session is from 10 Am to 1.30 PM. While the second session is from 2.30-6PM. We may organize some additional sessions on Sunday, 19 October 2014 if there’s enough participants on the waiting list.

After the painting workshop, Pipiltin Cocoa will invite the guests to experience their blind-chocolate testing. Every participants get a chance to win a dining voucher from Pipiltin Cocoa!

The registration will be open on Monday noon via Eventbrite. We’ll post the link soon. Only a few seats available for each session. So be sure to check it as soon as the tickets are on sale.

Thank you and have a lovely week end, friends! :)


*photo and illustrations by Ayang Cempaka

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By September 18, 2014 Loving

Dari kecil, saya paling suka sama pelajaran seni rupa atau KTK (Keterampilan Tangan dan Kesenian). Selain karena senang menggambar walaupun ga jago, saya juga senang bikin-bikin sesuatu dari kertas dan lem. Pas gedean, hobi bebikinan ini pun masih berlanjut. Kesukaan saya adalah bikin kartu tiga dimensi untuk teman yang ulang tahun, yang sayangnya itu kartu ga pernah saya foto secara proper :’))

Kebiasaan berkreasi dari kecil ini bikin saya jadi lebih ngulik tentang detail proses di balik pembuatan suatu produk, bukan cuma hasil akhirnya aja. Hal ini kepake banget pas udah gede, termasuk waktu bikin blog ini. Itu pula yang bikin saya dan Nike ingin mengenalkan Sabria dan Kira sama kegiatan kreatif sedari kecil. Mulai dari main susun-susun balok atau melukis pakai cat air. Jadi waktu saya dan Nike mendapat paket kreativitas dari Menthilis Project, kami senang sekali!


Dalam paket “Bermain Serangga” yang kami dapat isinya adalah: set membuat miniatur kebun, kunang-kunang menyala dalam gelap,  buku kecil berisi panduan pembuatan dan resep sehat, juga bonus project metamorfosis kupu-kupu. Senangnya lagi, set prakarya ini sudah disertai dengan cat, kuas, gunting, dan lem. Jadi tinggal bikin saja.

Paket ini sebenarnya ditujukan untuk anak usia 3-7 tahun. Jadi untuk di bawah 3 tahun mungkin masih perlu dibantu oleh orangtuanya. Nike membuat kunang-kunang untuk Kira. Nike mengecat botol plastik dan menggunting bagian sayap, lalu Kira menempel stiker dan mata kunang-kunang. Kira senang sekali melihat sayap kunang-kunangnya menyala saat dibawa ke kamar dan lampu dimatikan.


Untuk Sabria, saya membuatkan miniatur kebun serangga. Bya membantu menempelkan mata, dan menancapkan bunga ke “taman”. Kepik jadi “serangga” favoritnya dan diajak main dan ngobrol. Lebah juga jadi favorit karena dia cukup hapal bentuknya, “lebah! bzzzzzz!”, katanya. Waktu di rumah menjajal membuat kunang-kunang, Bya juga senang sekali waktu diajarin mengecat kunang-kunang. Walau agak bleber tapi gapapa, namanya juga anak-anak.



Selain senang bisa mengajarkan kegiatan kreatif pada anak, kami juga senang karena bisa tambah deket sama anak. Apalagi kalau para suami mau ikutan bikinin. Waktu kerja mereka full dari Senin-Jumat dan kadang-kadang akhir pekan pun ada kerjaan. Jadi waktu diajak prakaryaan bareng si bocah mereka senang karena jadi bisa punya quality time bareng si kecil. :)

Buat ide dan paket kreativitas lainnya, sila cek Instagram @menthilis

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By September 12, 2014 DIY, sponsored

Working behind desk or in front of the computers can be a little bit boring. So some people loves to decorate their workspace to make it a bit more lively by adding some colorful knick-knacks. If you’re not a fan of color-play, maybe you can pick some decorating items in a more neutral color.

Last week, we got some  stuff from our friend at 2madison: a woodden magnet and a cutting board. We think these would be perfect to be displayed at our working space. This animal head magnets from plywood were already nice in its natural color. But we wanted to add a little colors to give it a more modern look. We used washi tape to decorate the antlers part of the deerhead-shape magnet, and the nose part of the rhinos and bear-shaped one. Apply various patterns and sizes of washi tapes directly on the antlers. Then, using cutting mat and X-acto knife (or small cutter), cut the excess tape carefully following the antlers shape. Use the same technique to apply the washi tape on the bear and rhino’s head. Washi tape is easily removed so if you want your natural color animal head magnets back, you can peel it off easily without any damage. ;)

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