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Back in early 2014, it was not easy to find a laid-back occasion where you can gather with new like-minded friends and learn new things. Then, we decided to invite some of our good friends and asked them to join our very first Afternoon Delight at one of favorite coffee places, 1/15.

Next month, it’s going to be the third year of Afternoon Delight and we want to celebrate this joyful moment with you. Imagine this: a day where you can join a craft workshop by a super creative Bandung-based family, a blogging workshop by two avid-writers/lovely bloggers, buy lovely goods from pop up shops of our favorite makers friends, make your own mist or arrange a mini flower bouquet in minutes, get inspired from pop up home area and have a good time with us!

Click ‘read more’ if you are as excited as we are!

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By February 12, 2017 Vacancy


We’re opening vacancy (to start as soon as possible) for creative assistants on our content and event division. ;)

We need someone who can be resourceful when it comes to find home, décor, DIY and lifestyle content that suitable for Living Loving. We want to meet people who has great attention to details, passionate about home living and creative lifestyle  as much as we do, organized and eager to learn new things.

Responsibilities include:


  • Help us research, compiling and presenting ideas for online content/activities.
  • Writing posts for the blog, that includes helping us to prep the materials for photoshoot
  • Studio/ office organization
  • Team up with event division and helping us to run our events


  • Help us research, compiling and presenting ideas for offline activities.
  • Helping us to run our events. You will help us handle all the things we need to prepare before, during and after the event. Most of our offline activities are related to creative topics and meeting super creative folks, so be prepared to find lots of excitements!
  • Team up with online division and helping us to create a seamless online/offline activations.


  • Familiar with Living Loving
  • Writing skills (Bahasa Indonesia and English) for Content Division, and it would be really nice if you have a blog! ;)
  • Available to work 4 days a week
  • Available to work on weekend (max. 3 days per month)
  • A positive attitude and ability to be organized, multi-tasking, and quick. We want someone who can give a fast response.
  • You must have your own laptop and be based in Jakarta (our space is at South Jakarta).
  • Ability to use DSLR Camera, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus.

Send your application to hello(at)livingloving(dot)net with a subject “ASSISTANT (Content/ Event)”  along with:

  • Your resume and bio
  • List of applicable skills
  • 2 articles references you think are suitable with Living Loving (for Content Assistant)
  • 2 event references that you think are great for creative living lovers (for Event Assistant)

We’ll choose our favorites and follow up for interviews! Chosen applicants will be notified via e-mail in 1 week so please don’t send multiple submission. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to get to know you!


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By February 8, 2017 Home Decor Products, Home Decor Store, Local Product, sponsored

Aduh, sudah mau Valentine! Buat kalian yang merayakan, pernah nggak kebingungan saat milih-milih hadiah? Kalo kami, sih, iya. Selalu bingung tiap ada yang berulang tahun, merayakan anniversary, atau sekadar memberi selamat buat teman yang naik jabatan. Soalnya, ‘kan, pasti kita maunya memberikan sesuatu yang istimewa. Apalagi, untuk orang yang kita sayang. Maunya pemberian kita itu bisa dikenang dan jadi cerita. Bukan cuma formalitas yang habis dikasih trus nggak meninggalkan kesan apa-apa.

Makanya, mikirin satu hadiah saja, tuh, bisa lama banget dan kadang perlu persiapan karena nggak semua barang bisa langsung dibeli. Gimana kalau momen kasih kadonya lumayan mendadak? Nah, saat pusing-pusing itu, untungnya kami menemukan Co.Lab Space. Co.Lab adalah tempat berkumpulnya produk-produk lokal mengenai gaya hidup di Plaza Senayan.

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By February 7, 2017 Event Report, Events, Home Decor Products, Home Decor Store, Local Product, Resto/Cafe Decor

Sore itu, 3 Februari 2017, ditemani udara dingin yang bukan hanya berasal dari pendingin ruangan, tapi juga dari hujan deras yang mengguyur hampir seharian di luar, kami menggelar sebuah kelas kolaborasi bersama 2Madison dan @mangmoel atau Mulyana—seniman yang terkenal lewat karya The Mogus.

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