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Playful and modern are the keywords when we first saw Bini and Yogi’s lovely apartment in South Jakarta. They have proved that even a small space apartment can transform into a very comforting sanctuary.

Being an interior designer, Bini is fully in charge of interior and decor. And you can see that Bini is always paying attention to tiny details. And this is why we love this apartment. It feels like it’s telling you hundreds of stories. It feels like home, not just a lovely house with beautiful things.

Bini and Yogi use one of the bedrooms for their working space. Bini use the backside of the door  for sticking her past decorating stickers. She has this silhouette wall decor, and you can find out more about this lovely project on our dress your wall: playful silhouette post.

We also love the idea of framing bright neon colors papers and combine them with a simple framed quote. It’s probably one of the most brilliant ideas for a quick room make over. ;)

















LOVELY NEST: BINI+YOGI from Living Loving on Vimeo.

The key of living in a small space is having less. But it doesn’t mean you lose a chance to play with the decor. Look at that “I love you” – “I know” framed quotes hanging on their bedroom. You’ll draw a little smile if these quotes bring you back to a certain famous movie scene. ;)

Yup, we know that soon after you leave this blog you’ll probably have yourself packed with more decor and organizing ideas. Thank you so much Bini, Yogi and Argy for showing us your lovely nest.

3 words to describe you and yogi

Young, playful, modern.

what is important to you in a living space?

Comfort and cleanliness.

you spend most of your time at home with Argy, what are your favorite things to do with your little guy?

Napping (seriously), playing, talking (in so many ways), reading books, watching barney or kids songs videos, dancing.

you seem to love you consider yourself a homebody?

We did it both ways. We really do love traveling so much, and we also a true homebody when we need a little much time to relax, we choose nowhere but home. Snuggling and playing in bed the whole day, the three of us, cook, and eat at home.

what’s your favorite thing in the apt?

My bed, our family silhouette upon the seng-wall treatment, my pillows

where did you find your decorative items? 

IKEA, Ace Hardware, Informa, Paperclip, random places..

can you share us some tips on decorating a small space living?

White is the key. White make spaces feels wider. Other solid colors bump your sight. lovely-nest-bini-yogi

Thank you so much Bini, Yogi and Mas Argy for sharing your stories in your lovely nest. XX.

ps: Thank you Yudha, Aditya from Aidea, and Dirga for helping us with the video. :D




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  1. fiully

    12 December

    Beautiful :x

  2. isyana

    12 December

    favorit banget deh posting ini.. udah lama ngikutin instagramnya mrsprayogo ;D. videonya nambah drama :).. itu kira yang loncat loncat ya?

  3. Nike Prima

    12 December

    semoga bisa menjadi jawaban atas rasa penasaran setelah ngikutin IG-nya, ya. :D
    Iya, Kira yang loncat-loncat -__- beginilah kalo shooting bawa anak :p

  4. @beradadisini

    13 December

    Nike, ntar aku mau kontaknya Bini, dong! ^o^ Mau konsultasi, kebetulan lagi renov rumah juga! :D

  5. Maesy

    13 December

    Saya juga boleh minta kontaknya Bini dong, kebetulan lagi mau renov rumah juga :D

    • Nike Prima

      13 December

      minta alamat e-mail ya, Maesy..nanti kami kirimkan :)

  6. Wisnu Don

    14 December

    Suka banget deh… Mereka desain sendiri atau pake interior desainer ya? Thanks for the info :)

    • Nike Prima

      14 December

      Desain sendiri, Wisnu. Kebetulan Bini memang interior designer. :)

  7. siska

    15 December

    Selalu suka postingan livinglovin. Keep on posting, nike :-)

  8. bystanders

    16 December

    typo: till death do us part

  9. Ajeng

    17 December

    Cute! Oya Mba, itu yang block-block putih yang bisa ditulis pake boardmarker itu bahannya apa ya mbak? Bermanfaat banget sepertinya :)

  10. Mba, boleh aku minta kontak-nya Bini.? untuk renovasi apartment aku. terimakasih sebelumnya :D

  11. this is nice ^^

  12. indriph

    10 January

    mba nike boleh minta contact nya mba bini? ini email saya [email protected]
    thank u :)

  13. Mba, boleh aku minta kontak-nya Bini.? untuk renovasi apartment aku. terimakasih sebelumnya. ini email saya, [email protected] :))

  14. Bagus banget.. Definitely will contact Bini to design my house when I have my own! :)

  15. Hi Nike, boleh minta kontaknya Bini? so envy with their lovely apartment! you can email me to [email protected]. thankyou!

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