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Last month, me and my husband came to our lovely friend’s place, Marla Marciana Bohang, known as Lala Bohang (Ssh..I think Marla is a beautiful name). She’s one of the talented illustrators I’ve ever met. One thing I can conclude from her works is they often present truth (sometimes bitter ones) with sweetness, and a constant crave of solitude.

The rain poured not long after we arrived. As we browsed through every corner of her place, she talked about her current favorite books written by Ayu Utami. Then, she showed us a collection of her inspirations. Books, movies, artworks. And this place, is definitely like most of her artworks, black and white.

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The great thing about Lala’s place is all this ‘black and white’ colors doesn’t make it cold and distant. She put a few little things with bold colors, such as yellow and red. Her bedroom is definitely not a girly room, but it looks very very comfy and quiet.

Here’s a video to conclude our short visit. Thank you to my husband, Yudha for documenting this one and Aditya for helping me with the video coloring. Anyway, I’m an amateur in video editing. So, still learning this Final Cut Pro thing..but I hope you enjoy this first ever ‘Lovely Nest’ video.

LOVELY NEST: LALA BOHANG from Living Loving on Vimeo.

Thank you for sharing your space with us, Lala. It was a lovely afternoon chat. Be sure to stop by Lala Bohang‘s blog for her beautiful artworks. :)

ps: she’s giving away some of her artworks. go to her ‘bagi-bagi gambar buat kamu‘ post on her blog. ;)


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