I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to handmade goods, I always love handmade products that come with nice looking packages. Who doesn’t love to receive a gift that makes you smile and feel like a child again. The sensation of having those beautifully wrapped product in your hand and you can not wait to open it, but on the other hand you don’t want to ruin this sweet little thing.

handmade-package handmade-package

Look at these lovely hand-drawn envelope by Dindie from mikisi curiosities etc. She drew every package of mikisi’s handmade products. Ika Vantiani from Vantiani loves to do this thing too. One thing I know, these kind of things are made with love. :)



I also love the simple look of Kou‘s jar and Mola‘s cardboard box. They’re perfect examples of how beautiful thing doesn’t need to be complicated. It has to be thoughtful and represents the product itself.

I think every handmade product is personal and it should touch a tiny bit of your heart. And I guess this is why most of handmade crafters really put their thoughts to every single thing they create, including how they want their products to be wrapped. This is why we love to look for handmade goodies. Because it’s not only about buying a cute stuff, it’s about taking a beautiful-story-made-with-love home. Thank you for your beautiful stories, friends. Xx

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