You might familiar with Diela Maharanie and her illustrations. I first spotted her vibrant colored paintings when I was at Kopi Keliling, an art and coffee exhibition event held by a friend of mine, 3 years ago.



If you visit her Facebook page  you’ll find out that this accountant-turned-illustrator loves to combine candy like colors with pattern. No wonder a lot of her artworks has caught many many eyes around the world.

LL diela1LL diela2LL diela4

Diela used to draw female figures. So it was a rare thing when she published ‘a city landscape filled with colors and flying balloons’ artwork on her Instagram. But it really was a picture that could make a heart happy. I contacted her immediately and ordered one. I put this beautiful tiny city in my daughter’s room, and I’m thinking of ordering another Diela’s artwork for our future living room. :)


Illustrations courtesy of Diela Maharanie.

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  • Tica

    Tlg tanya, kalau mau contact ke Diela Maharanie ke mana ya? Saya tertarik jg utk beli artwork dia. Thanks

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