Forgot to wrap your christmas presents or have to quickly wrap a birthday or anniversary gift but hard to find the perfect wrapping paper? Don’t worry, if you have a piece of paper and one thing from the photo below, you’re good to go and make your own special wrapper.


You can use things that already available at home or can be easily found at the nearest store. Marker, wool yarn, watercolor, highlighter, even a correction pen! For the paper, you can use white paper, used wall-calendar pages, brown paper book cover, or baking paper.giftwrap3

Like the look of a ribboned gift box but didn’t have any ribbons at your house at the moment you need it? Just draw it instead! Use a gold marker to make it look classy.giftwrap4a

Another option: a patterned gift wrap. Just make a couple vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. No need to get it perfectly straight. A little imperfection is fine ;)P1160335

This one’s wrapped with a brown paper book cover, then I add some dots and a banner with text using a correction pen. If you think the receiver isn’t a fan of polka dots, you can change it into a geometric-tribal theme and draw some triangles here n there, or some raindrops, balloons, anchors, whatever you think they’ll love!

The white-gold gifts was made using a used wall-calendar pages (use the white-backside facing outward) and a gold marker. For a quick and simple wrapper, you can also use a caligraphy gold marker to make a handwritten gift wrap. Here’s an example that was shown on the photo (the far-right gift box): write some words that describes the receiver. Or you can just write their names or some inspiring quotes.giftwrap5

If you have a highlighter, you can make this stripes gift wrap in minutes! I use baking paper (kertas roti), mint-green highlighter, wool yarn, and a leftover pompom I’ve made months ago for my daughter’s birthday.

First, I wrapped the gift with a white paper because baking paper is a bit transparent. Then I made stripes using the highlighter. I’m too lazy to use a ruler, so I use the tile grout instead! Just place the baking paper above the grout, exactly where you want the line to be. Then draw some line and drag the highlighter along the grout “rail”. It was waaay faster and more simple than using a ruler.giftwrap6

Last but not least, the watercolor wrapping paper. It’s quick and fun to make! Pick 2-3 watercolor, dilute with water, dip the brush, and shake it in a stroke. You can also hold the brush 20-30cm above the paper to create a splatter.

What about you? Got any simple ideas to wrap your gift? Lets share it with us!

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