My current favorite children book author/illustrator is Oliver Jeffers. I never heard of him until one day I bought this ‘The Hueys in The New Sweater’ book simply because I loved the cover.  Turned out I really heart the illustrations. And I love the “start the difference” message too. :)

LL the hueys 2

LL the hueys 3

LL the hueys 4

LL the hueys 5

I also bought the iPad version of Jeffers’, ‘The Heart and The Bottle‘. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and well written (modern) children books I’ve ever read.

Oliver-Jeffers-Heart-And-The Bottle-Pg-10-11-1

Btw, you can take a peek of these little Hueys friends. Just watch this video. Sssh, it was read by one of those britain alternative sensations back in 90s. ;)


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