First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, Muty and my brother, Mas Sandi for this lovely gift. I heart you two! Xx

Being a mom, you always have the urge to make something for or with your kid. My daughter, Kira is almost 2 y.o now and I guess it really is time for me to speed up my creativity level. And I know this ‘Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids’ book can help.


This book is packed with 175 craft projects for kids of all ages. As you can see, it filled with bright and colorful pictures. What I love the most about this book is the materials. You know how suck it is when you find a very interesting craft project but then you realize the material is not available in your local store. Most of the materials for the projects in this book are easy to find.

martha-stewart-book-favorite-craft-kids-3 martha-stewart-book-favorite-craft-kids-2

The book is divided into seven sections: Create a Few Characters, Build a Little World, Make Your Own Fun, Design it Yourself, Experiment and Explore, Keep it Together and Give Something Handmade. Me and Miranti already spotted one project using bright duct tapes. When we saw this one, we thought, “Hey, why we didn’t think of that?!”.

martha-stewart-craft-for-kids-5 martha-stewart-craft-for-kids-6

Don’t you love that cardboard doll house? When I was eight, I was obsessed with this Barbie’s house I saw in ‘Bobo’ magazine. Now, I’m not a fan of Barbie anymore but I would love to have a not-too-pinky doll house, and this cardboard doll house is a perfect example for a simple foldable doll house. Oops, wait a minute..this doll house should be Kira’s, not me. Haha.

This book offers cool projects for the boys, too. And there is also a photo glossary of the basic craft items and a section on basic craft skills. Ooh, and I love the layout and type fonts. The instructions are clear, but I wish I could see more how-to photos.

This book is recommended for parents who want to get creative and crafty with their kids. But it really is a fun book for adults too. A friend of mine bought this book because he’s so into crafty world, and he doesn’t have any kid.

You can buy this book at ak.’sa.ra for Rp300.000 or Amazon for $17.48. This can be a perfect gift for your crafty loved ones. :)



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