Blogging is easy. All you need to do is go to the blog hosting web and complete the whole registration. Voila! Now you have a blog. Most of my friends have a blog. Some of them are professional bloggers, but a few others are quiet discreet about their blogs they only gave the address to less than 3 people.

Managing a blog is another thing. I’ve been blogging for 7 years, but I wasn’t a good example at managing my personal blog. There was a time when I could update my blog twice a week, but busy was always the ultimate reason why I didn’t post anything for a month. I wish this ‘Blogging for Creatives’ book was released 5 years ago so I wouldn’t be that clueless when it comes to managing a blog.



This book is written by Robin Houghton, an active blogger who’s also a professional in social media and online world. “Blogging for Creatives” is divided into 13 chapters. It has A LOT of good examples from blogs all over the world too. And what I love about the book is it really gives you a simple explanation on how to start (and manage) a blog. You know how confusing it is to pick the right hosting. Some of us are not really into this technical thingy, and I’m surely one of them. I know I could easily find this kind of information on the internet. But I guess I’m an old-school person who still loves to learn from the books. ;D

From setting up a blog, to using your blog as a PR tool. There were a lot of tips from bloggers too which I found very insightful.

I do judge a book by its cover and design. I don’t really like a ‘full text’ book, and I like a book with a simple layout. Oh and an easy-to-read font type too. This is actually on my top three reasons of buying a book! This book cover might not be my favorite. I wish the cover would be more vibrant. But I love its decent layout, the font type and clean design look.

blogging-for-creative-book-3 blogging-for-creative-book-4 blogging-for-creative-book-5If you’re a crafter and you want to boost your brand through your blog, you can pair ‘Blogging for Creatives’ with ‘Handmade Marketplace’ written by Kari Chapin. If you have a blog with creative content and you want to take your blog to the next level, I would recommend this book. :)

You can buy this book for $13.15 at Amazon, or Rp304.000 at ak.sa.’ra, Jakarta.

ps: It’s rainy season, so it’s definitely the right time to sit on your couch and read new books. You can share your favorite creative/home decor/living books with us, e-mail me at hello[at]livingloving[dot]net or simply mention us on Twitter. Xx


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