Chocolate mint, strawberry lemon, bananatella (You’ve guessed it right! It’s a banana-and-a-lot-of-Nutella taste!), choco peppermint, cheese sago cornflakes and…cheese oregano black pepper. And you can chew them all in less than five minutes! 

Yup, they’re cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially the crunchy, tasty and homemade ones! That’s why we love Nuna’s Koekjes.  They sent us five jars of cookies with different flavors  that we mentioned above. nunas-koekjes-2

What we love about Nuna’s Koekjes is that they have a lot of unique flavor options such as blueberry almond, mix fruit yoghurt, choco cappucino, and even a mini black forrest cookies! But they still had a various options of classic cookies too. Choose your favorite flavor, pick a spot on your terrace, and enjoy your cookies with a cup of tea or coffee…voila! A perfect afternoon me-time!

You can send the cookies as a gift for your loved ones too. Nuna’s Koekjes provide wrappings and gift sets that you can choose, filled with their best-seller cookies.



The strawberry lemon cookies are really good, and we personally love the double choco mint crunchy. We were kinda surprised with the bananatella. At first, we were not so sure about this one, but turned out to be one of our favorites.


Miranti can’t stop chewing her Cheese Sago Cornflakes cookies and Nike is a big fan of Kaastengel or anything with cheese, so she really loves the Cheese Oregano Black Pepper cookies. This used to be Cheese Oregano cookies, but now they improved the recipe and add a sprinkle of black pepper.

Thank you so much Tania and Nuna’s Koekjes for this sweet (and savoury) package of cookies. We love ’em!

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