Hey, I almost forgot to post about how colorful my sunday was two weeks ago. Three talented illustrators, Nady Azhry, Diela Maharanie and Prasajadi did a giant mural on Aidea. Aidea is a video production company run by my husband, Yudha and his friend, Aditya.

Nady, Diela and her husband, Pras started to paint the wall at 11 am and finished them in the evening. It really was exciting to watch these three good friends worked with their brushes and paints. Each of them has a very different style, and we were so fascinated by the way they expressed their ideas into these amazing work of art.

LL aidea mural 7

LL aidea mural 9

LL aidea mural 10

LL aidea mural 1

LL aidea mural 2

LL aidea mural 6

LL aidea mural 3

LL aidea mural 5

LL aidea mural 8

Thank you so much to our fellows from Aidea, Yudha and Wisnu for the photos. And by the way, I was wearing The Babybirds‘ camera strap that day. Have you heard about The Babybirds? If you haven’t, then you better check their blog. ;)

If you’re wondering why I’m not giving you pictures of the whole mural. It’s because we have a plan to show you more about this mural project soon. So, stick around and have a colorful thursday. :)



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