So, we alrealdy told you a bit about the DIY things Myra and Ecang had at their lovely nest. Now, we’re gonna tell you how to create these beautiful things. First, Myra’s wall clock. She bought this vintage enamel plate at Pasar Triwindu, Solo. The plate already had a hole right at the center, so all Myra had to do was finding a clock mechanism. So, she bought a new wall clock at Carrefour, remove the clock mechanism part and put it on this plate. Voila! A unique DIY clock! LL_myra22diy LL_myra21diy Second, Ecang’s tissue cover. This is a super easy DIY, you can do it anywhere in less than one minute. All you need is a scarf and follow these steps. LL_ecang_DIY1

1. Pick a square-shapped scarf. Fold the scarf two times. (The picture above shows the scarf folded once in half. Make another fold in half horizontally).LL_ecang_DIY2

2. Make a knot on one end of the scarf.LL_ecang_DIY3

3. Then knot the other end to make a candy shape.LL_ecang_DIY4

4. Insert a stack of tissue into the “candy” scarf.LL_ecang_DIY5


5. Pull the scarf edges to cover the tissue. There you have it! A super quick and easy tissue cover, don’t you think?

PS: Thank you for Myra and Ecang for sharing this tutorial with us.

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