Creating a nice and warm place to live can be a very tricky thing. Decorating should be a fun part, since you have that advantage to put your own unique character into the room. But planning the design might be a bit confusing. Especially when you do it by yourself.

To be honest, sometimes we really had no idea what to say when a friends asked us for interior or decor advice because we don’t have any interior design nor architecture background. BUT we do love to discuss about ‘finding the inspirations’ for your space. That’s why we always love “inspiration hunting”, because…well, that’s the first thing we need to do before planning the whole renovation or room makeover, right?

So, now we’ll give you our current online sources when it comes to finding an inspirations for interior and decor.



This is an incredible online platform source for exterior/interior design!  You can browse tons of house inspirations by category (rooms and styles). Houzz is actually connecting owners and home design professionals (designers, architects, builders), but we don’t think this service is available here in Indonesia. :)


Pinterest is also a great place to find decor inspirations. All you need to do is sign up and browse anyone’s boards from all over the world. We frequently pinned our favorite inspirations to our Pinterest boards too.



Yes, we know that this is actually an apps for travelers, but it’s always fun to look for the inspirations on this apps, because it’s not like checking on hotel brochures filled with very sleek designed rooms. Some of the houses/apartments offered on Airbnb decorate their places to look very homey yet stylish, so it’s always interesting to browsing through Airbnb.


Sometimes we just like to search for a hashtag like #homedecor #diy or #interior. As simple as that, and You can find lots of inspiration from people’s instagram photos. From a well-known account like apartmentherapy to a random house of a stranger. Anything can inspire us. We found some of our favorite cribs in Instagram. One of them was Ayang Cempaka‘s home in Dubai. :)

Bookmark and save all the links and images that catch your eyes. If you have an extra time, go search for interior blogs and websites. Don’t forget to take a look around your neighborhood too.  You’ll probably find a unique yet affordable decor ornaments and furnitures. Good luck! ;)

Suka menulis dan hobi menggambar rumah serta denahnya sejak kecil. Nike membuat Living Loving untuk mengembalikan dan mengembangkan kecintaannya akan menulis dan minatnya akan rumah, dekorasi dan desain. Mulai membuat website dan blog sendiri sejak 2000, mengkoleksi dan berbagi cerita selalu jadi bagian penting dalam hidupnya.


  • Ade Butet

    Hi…aku juga lagi suka banget ngedandanin rumah…sumber inspirasiku dari dan majalah, Katalog IKEA, Pinterest, dan channel LI TV: Life Inspired…Home by Novograts, The Antonio Treatment, Summer Home by Samantha Pynn, Candice tells all, The Nate Berkus show…seru yah! ga pernah puasss…ada aja yang ingin ditambahin :) selalu buka juga… untuk info apa yang bisa dikonsumsi disini… makasiih ya…ditunggu terus postingannya..

    Ade Butet

    • Nike Prima

      Hai Hai Ade..iya kamu juga suka sekali sources yang kamu share. Nate Berkus udah dari jaman dia sering di Oprah, yaaa. :D
      Terimakasih juga sudah mampir dan baca-baca. Kalo ada saran atau kritik, boleh lho kontak kami. ;)

    • Miranti

      Ah…LI salah satu channel cable favorit. Apalagi program home design dari Jepang yg ngasih ide manfaatin ruang sempit. Salah satunya Before-After, coba cek di tapi situsnya full bahasa Jepang..hehe, jadi cuma liat-liat gambarnya saja :)

  • Novi

    web decor inspiration biasanya selain yang disebutkan diatas juga lihat di :,, (group gawker ini keren-keren semua); juga walaupun bahasa Cina jadi cuma lihat gambar, flickr ada beberapa group tentang sudut rumah orang-orang;; archdaily dan banyak lagi sih sebenarnya sampai folder bookmark penuh :D

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