Remember when in school we used to sleepover sometimes? Well, staying at Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House brings back those memories. It’s not like staying in a hotel, it’s like staying at your best friend’s house, but with a full-service experience. The warm and friendly atmosphere, plus lovely interior design made us fall in love with the hotel.


Another thing we love about this bed & breakfast is their attention to details. When we first arrived, we got the room key plus a cute little envelope filled with breakfast coupons for the morning after. When we entered the room, two glass and a tall bottle of water were ready at the bedside table. The TV and AC remote controls were tucked in a pouch on the other bedside table. Two pairs of slippers are ready near the door.


The room itself wasn’t too big, but it’s fair size. The only problem we had maybe the bed. We can’t hardly move out from the bed…..because it was too comfortable (in a positive way, of course). After a long day, i think nothing beats the soft, fluffy bed and pillows. Outside in the hallway, they decorated the wall with framed photos and ilustrations, boxes, and small artificial flowers. cottonwood-exp-6

For breakfast time, we got to make our own toast with a cup of coffee or tea. Then came a big portions of yellow rice with egg and tempe. Enjoying it at the dining area with wooden table and wheeled-wooden-box as its chairs.

cottonwood-exp-5 cottonwood-exp-4 cottonwood-exp-3cottonwood-exp-7

Our giveaway winner, Razan, was gladly occupied the Popple Room, already filled with special hampers from our beloved sponsors.

cottonwood-exp-10 cottonwood-exp-9

Near the entrance of the hotel, there’s a wired bulletin board full of postcards filled with comments from satisfied customers. Love the idea of tying those postcards or clip it with wooden pin to the wire. It’s a great ideas of using framed chicken wire as a bulletin board. (Psst..you can also decorate the wooden pin with masking tape for an extra coolness)

The Crafty Days was amazing, the hotel was simply beautiful. The city itself had a nice weather..(well, it was rainy..but we didn’t mind :D ). It was a lovely lovely weekend.



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