I’ve been to Yogyakarta for countless times. My parents used to live in this city when they were young. In early 1990s, they bought a house, and my two brothers lived there for a few years. I know that this city has been growing a lot…Fancy coffee shops and boutique hotels. Concept and vintage stores (and unfortunately more shopping malls).

So, when I saw Astrid Prasetianti’s Instagram pictures of her Yogya trip. I felt like I saw that beautiful and serene Yogya that I missed. Its calm atmosphere blends in with subtle colors. I asked her to share more of her #jogjaonfilm2013 trip on Living Loving, and she said yes. :)







tell us about you and where you live

My name is Astrid Prasetianti, a graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love to take pictures with my analog camera especially when I go on a trip, watching movies and drawing. I live in Jakarta since I was born. That’s why sometimes I need a trip to another place to take a break from this crowded city.

tell us about your yogya trip 

I went to Yogya last October together with my friend. It started when I found a cheap ticket to Yogya and looking for a friend to go with me. My friend had never been to Yogya and really wanted to go there too, so we decided to go together.

We tried to make our itinerary as tight as possible cause we only had 4 days and there are so many places to visit in Yogya. We went to the cave, to the beaches, walking around the city, met some new friends, visited some temples, tried to walk straight between the big trees at Alun-alun kidul (yeah, we failed so many times), and also tried some good foods there, it was a fun trip!

We’re both love to take pictures so we went back to Jakarta with lots of rolls and happy faces.





where are your favorite destinations in Yogya

From my last trip, these are my favorite destinations in Yogya:

Alun-alun kidul at night

House of Raminten- unique place, affordable food

ViaVia guesthouse, it’s a comfy place to stay, warm and friendly people

Little alleys around Malioboro street, where you can find a lot of cute old doors in many colors

and beaches located at Gunung Kidul

3 things you love about Yogya

The people, the atmosphere and the memories

3 colors that represent Yogya

brown, red, blue

what camera did you use

Nikon FM10 dan Olympus MjuII



Thank you so much Astrid for sharing your lovely perspective of Yogyakarta. If you’re interested to see more of Astrid’s photos and works, just go to her blog or Behance. We hope someday you’ll have your own tree house, Astrid (in Yogya, perhaps? ;) ).



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