It’s Monday and it’s been five months since Living Loving first launched on February. We wanna say thank you to all of our friends and partners. You guys are truly amazing!

The idea of Living Loving came out when we both quit our nine to five jobs and decided to work from home. We thought it was the right time to create a blog together. So, for a couple of months we discussed and arranged Living Loving’s concept.

So here we are today, and we’re excited to dig more ideas and creative inspirations. We plan to collaborate with more communities and creative people, because we do believe that sharing is a good deed.

And we’re also inviting you to share your comments and ideas too. Tell us your favorite topic, or you can suggest next topics for us to write about. If you happen to have your own creative products you can also send a product submission to our e-mail.

Thank you for your wonderful support. We love to hear it from you. Xx



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