If you’re looking for Lebaran’s sweet treats, these Lebaran hampers from Colette & Lola will fulfill the idea of sweet and girly. We haven’t got a chance to visit this new cake shop, but I saw one of these hampers on my friend’s Path and thought this could be one of #SAYITWITH gift ideas. :)

They’re offering two selections of hampers, Yummy Van (Rp350.000) and Happy House package (Rp250.000). Yummy Van includes 12 variants of cookies, while Happy House includes 8 variants of cookies. I think these hampers are perfect for your cute and adorable loved ones.

colette-lola-lebaran colette-lola-lebaran

You can order the hampers via their website or call their hotline 021 2900 7997. If you want to take a peek of their cake studio, you can go to one of our favorite blogs, Chuzai Living┬áby Kaho where she captured this girl’s dream cake shop. :)

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  • Kaho

    Thank you so much for the link to my blog!! I love your blog and I am so flattered to know that you like mine. I wish we had a chance to meet before I left!!

  • Nike Prima

    Yes..we should’ve met, Kaho :D We’re waiting for your nice pics and stories. We always want to go to Japan!

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