Looking for hampers to send to colleagues, friends, or family? We’ll give you some ideas it. They’re a collection of a crafty handmade goodies from our fellow crafter or baker. Handmade stuff hamper is not only special because it’s limited and unique, but these crafter and baker also wrap the gift with a very nice package.

One of our recommended hampers is from Surely/Someday Kitchen. They have one of the most delicous sablé ever! Sablé means sand. It’s crumbly and buttery with various flavor. We heart the green tea sable, but their other cookies and poundcakes are also great!

surely-someday-lebaran-collageFor this festive season, Surely/Someday Kitchen introduce their Eid Al-Fitr Gift Pack. The new letterpress packaging is simple yet lovely, perfect as a special hampers for a special friends or family.

The gift pack includes: • One regular size of Pandan toasted coconut pound cake. Its fragrance will remind you to some traditional cakes from Indonesia. One loaf can be cut into 10-12 slices. • one pack of red sugar cookies in a tin can. Made with local ingredients, crumbly and has a taste like caramel! It goes well with black tea. • One jar of +HAABU: Lemongrass + tea. Carefully blended by tea professional to create a balanced composition of taste and subtle fragrance • One Lebaran gift tag. Simple greeting that says, “Selamat Hari Raya Lebaran”.




The hampers’ last order will be on July 29th, 2013. You can order the hampers via their website. Just download the order form, fill it, then send it back to them. You can also make your own customized pack! Just send your inquiries to their e-mail or add their LINE, surelysomedaykitchen. Photo courtesy of Surely/Someday Kitchen.

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