A couple of days ago we received a mini challenge from Gudily to try to make an oribbon. This origami ribbon actually already caught my attention when we visited Gudily’s booth at ARTE Indonesia last March. So when the challenge came, we accepted it happily!


Oribbon is a sticky paper with scored lines along its surface. Designed by Japanese designer, Azumi Mitsuboshi, a single sticker sheet of Oribbon can be turned into a three dimensional ribbon, with wide possibilities of variations. In a package of Oribbon you will get six long sheet in three different colors. There’s an instruction on how to fold the ribbon. But you can find more Oribbon tutorials here.


Just peel, fold, then stick your ribbon to gift boxes and hampers. Another idea is to use it to embellish your handmade cards. For example, draw a bunch of balloons on the front side of the card. Then attach the bowtie-shapped Oribbon on the balloons knot, and you have a special birthday card! You can also use the oribbon as a unique cupcake topper! Here i made the bondage shape and add tiny circle sticker (you can use little Tom & Jerry dots label) with a monogram. Then attach a toothpick at the back, and stick it on the top of the cupcake.oribbon-foto3

Oribbon cannot be reattached multiple times, so be careful when you make it for the first time. Lots of practice would help. Here’s a tip: don’t throw away the yellow backing paper after you peel the sticker sheet. The backing paper also has a scored lines so you can practice to fold an Oribbon with that paper instead of the sticker. Then, when you’re already learn the technique, you can fold the sticker sheet in the same way. It’s cute and fun to make!

Penyuka craft yang lebih senang dapat voucher toko buku dibanding voucher baju. Ibu satu putri yang akrab dipanggil Mamir ini selalu sibuk cari inspirasi dekor atau palet warna di internet sambil menyantap segala macam penganan yang ada di studio Living Loving. Kamu bisa menyapa Mamir di akun Instagram-nya (@mamiraz) atau mengontaknya di miranti (at) livingloving (dot) net


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