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Few weeks ago I can’t help to only longingly look at Instagram updates of the lucky people who had the joy to ‘Play with Flowers‘, Living Loving’s latest workshop. They were making corsage and headband out of fresh flowers, so I decided to also play with flower by going  to London’s flower market, Columbia Road, London.
The mixture of scents: roses, fresh leaves and coffee hits you as you enter the road in East London. It may sound like an odd combination, but these smell beautifully compliments the hustle and bustle of sellers and buyers, creating an exciting atmosphere of the market. Flower sellers yelling out “3 for a fiver, the best flowers in London” or “ Who has a fiver, they are welcome to take this away” accompanied by buskers singing 40s and 50s songs was a brilliant soundtrack to my Sunday morning.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers and the market. It is not a surprise that the market is hailed by TimeOut as one of London’s most visually appealing markets.

If you are ever in the area, don’t forget to visit the independent shops behind the flower shop. A range of them sell beautiful items from kitchen equipment to vintage furniture, from plant pots to artworks.
My favourite of the shop is the Rob Ryan shop, the popular paper cut and screen printing artist. Rob Ryan has collaborated with several magazines and designers. During the week this shop is only open by appointment.
The market opens once a week, every Sunday between 11am and 3pm. The nearest tube station is Old Street and the nearest overground stations Hoxton. Check out their website.

Andine Joyonegoro is a campaigner of accessible arts and culture based in England. In love with beautiful books, illustration, Indonesia, traveling, good food, watermelon and ice cream. Check out her blog, Indonesia in My Pocket, for more travel, illustration and book related posts.

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