First of all, we wanted to say Happy Eid Mubarak to Living Loving readers who celebrated this joyful moment last week. May forgiveness always be a part of our heart. We both had a great time spending our Idul Fitri with our loved ones and we hope you had a fabulous one too. Now, it’s time to get back on track again. It really was a bliss to have our own quality time with family and friends during holiday. Yes, it was quite challenging when you (and the rest members of the house) had to do all that non stop “homeworks”. You know..messy rooms, piles of dirty clothes, etc. So after my daughter fell asleep, I’d like to think about lovely having a nice and comfy house. Then I started to browse around the internet  at wee hours (I seriously need some proper sleep, haha). When it comes to a dream house, me and Miranti are actually into pretty much the same style. We both love light tone of colors with a splash of colors. Miranti loves pastel colors like mint and peach, while I love bold and neon colors. But we both love the room that feels light, clean and warm.   inspiration-living-room-livingloving-3 inspiration-living-room-livingloving-4

holly1 And since we both love books (though in the mean time we find it hard to find a little  time for reading), a reading nook would be lovely. It doesn’t have to be huge and secluded. Just a small space at the corner of the living room with enough amount of light, comfy chair and a shelf filled with our favorite books. inspiration-living-room-livingloving-6 inspiration-living-room-livingloving-7 inspiration-living-room-livingloving-1

If you plan to style your home with this scandinavian inspired modern and chic decor, here’s a list of some of local furniture and home decor stores. For furniture, check out Kekayuan. You can also visit their showroom at Jl. Cipete Raya No. 9, Jakarta Selatan. Kekayuan specializes in reclaimed and recycled teak wood materials. If you’re looking for a one stop online store, go to 2Madison. They feature furniture and home decor products designed by local creative talents. For good design and carefully curated products, check out Bobobobo. They even released exclusive products in limited numbers. We also spotted some new and affordable stores, like Balka Furniture and Nagarey. But we haven’t got a chance to touch and feel their products. But they’re definitely worth to see. If you need to live up your room with lovely little things, then it’s the right time to browse some home and decor online stores! Go to Kemala Home Living for stylish and modern accessories, Linoluna for scandinavian, retro and vintage look, and Chic and Darling for more beautiful cushions and fabric material decor.   Photos courtesy of One Kind Design,Roco Magazine, My Scandinavian Home, Ink and Spindle, Lowe Home, and Harlight Hemma.

Simple, functional, modern, in love with details. Nike menghabiskan masa kecilnya di Kepulauan Riau dan Sulawesi Tenggara, membuatnya merasa berbeda sejak kembali tinggal di Jakarta dan suka menikmati tempat baru. Mulai blogging sejak tahun 2000, bahkan ketika istilah blog belum ada. Ketertarikannya akan dunia media dan kreatif sudah ada sejak masih sekolah. Sebelum menjalankan Living Loving, Nike bekerja selama 7,5 tahun di industri media, kreatif dan digital. Kamu bisa melihat dan menyapanya juga di Instagram (@nikeprima) dan nike (at) livingloving (dot) net


  1. Fili Yelny

    5 August

    loving this living room inspiration! So much natural light and the simplicity is <333
    suka banget sama rak gantung yg lingkaran itu unik banget hehe.


  2. atta

    11 August

    suka suka banget semua desainnya. bersih. lapang. sederhana. terima kasih sudah berbagi :)

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