So, we’ve told you about our past ‘Afternoon Delight: Play with Flowers’ event, but we never really talked about the details of that lovely day. First of all, let us introduce you about ‘Afternoon Delight’. Afternoon Delight is an event of sharing and making. Imagine this: a laid back afternoon with (new) friends where you can have fun making beautiful things and sharing lovely stories that can inspire others. We always try to make Afternoon Delight an intimate gathering, with just a few participants, so that everyone can get to know each other. We also want everyone to feel comfortable and have a quality conversation with us and their new friends. These things came true on our first Afternoon Delight a couple of months ago.






Last month (July 12 2014), we had our second Afternoon Delight. It was a first collaboration project with our crafty friend, Kitty Manu. We share some tutorials on how to made a simple hand bouquet, pretty corsage, and fresh flower crown. We did all the late-night-meeting-through-WhatsApp-thing, brainstorming, decorating, supplies hunting to seat arranging by ourselves. It was fun and we’re amazed to see how productive Kitty was! We also collaborated with Ms. Claradevi who’s also a creative blogger. She has her own ‘floral head crown’ online store, Inspiredbyluce, so we asked her to share her tips on making the crown.



One of the differences between Afternoon Delight and our regular Living Loving Class is that in Afternoon Delight we present the participants with extra lovely things in their goodie bags. This time, it was a special goodies from Rumah Dua Pohon and Linoluna. Linoluna provided beautiful patterned cushion covers and greeting cards for everyone at Afternoon Delight. We always heart their picks. If you’re looking for modern yet chic home decor and paper goods, you should check out Linoluna. While Yudhi Puspa Tia (Tia) from Rumah Dua Pohon provided an art print for the goodie bag. We also collaborated with Tia on the decor too. Together we created a lovely arch from leaves and flowers as our photo background. Tia is an architect and blogger who has a big passion in art, especially painting. She’s also into decor, you can check one of her decor works on our ‘DIY White and Pastel Wedding‘ post.

The event went great and we all had a lot of fun. The perticipants could not wait to strike a pose at the photo booth with their own creations. Some was neat, some a bit messy, but all were wonderful! Yes, Afternoon Delight is not about how great your end result is. It’s about the beauty of the process of creating something by your own hand. This event is not only for crafters, but it’s for everyone who loves to learn (maybe new) things together and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to be creatively talented. All that you need is to open up yourself and play along.

We also thank you to the participants, Nia Nastiti and Tia who had posted their own ‘Afternoon Delight’ stories on their blogs. Xx


“the most important factor of art is the love of it.
If you enjoy your craft, the end product is always something you treasure”
-Elizabeth Isaacs


*photos courtesy of Claradevi from Lucedale.


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