Last month, we swore that our workshop with Ayang Cempaka would be our last event in 2014 and we would concentrate on making plans for 2015. But when Dita (of @ditut instagram account fame name and Yummy Corner blog), one of our favorite food photographers, came to Whimsical Garden and told us that she would be here in Jakarta until the end of 2014. We decided to not losing a chance to learn Dita’s photography and styling tips. Long story short, on November 29-30 we brought our third Afternoon Delight, Food Story with @ditut at Pipiltin Cocoa.
Afternoon Delight is Living Loving’s signature event of sharing and making. It is a part of our mission to encourage ourselves and people around us to gather and learn new things, and photography is one of those skills that never gets old..People love to capture moments or things they’re passionated about. And people love food, but taking a photograph of food is actually not that easy. And in this 5-hours workshop, Dita shared her experience on food photography and styling.

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In the first 1,5 hours, Dita shared her story and introduction to food photography. She talked about how she bumped into photography world and managed to be a professional food photographers. She also shared her references and tips on creating photos that really speak. She also did a live demonstration so attendees could understand how to capture with natural light.


And after the lunch break, Pipiltin Cocoa had already prepared 5 different meals for the demo session. The attendees picked the props, arranged and captured their own “food story”. The props were provided by us, Dita and Pipiltin Cocoa.

BagusBagus also supported this session by providing their newly ‘Alas Foto Lipat’ where participants could choose over 20 different photo backgrounds. This portable photo surface is a perfect solution for food photographers (or bloggers like us, hehe). You don’t need to bring those heavy wood panels or waste your time trying to find a perfect surface anymore. ;)

And if you notice light wooden serving board, and lovely towels and coasters in white and navy blue colors, it’s from Kasual Project. We were instantly in love with their products when we saw it for the first time on Instagram, we even decided to apply their colors scheme to our ‘dress code’ for this event. :D

afternoon-delight-foods-story-with-ditut-13afternoon-delight-foods-story-with-ditut-14We were so excited to see the attendees play with their props and camera. They didn’t hesitate to take a risk and be messy, and we loved it that way!

afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-1 afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-2 afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-3 afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-4 afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-6 afternoon-delight-food-story-with-ditut-by-ditut-7





We would like to say thank you to our lovely partner, Pipiltin Cocoa for providing such a nice space and munchies. And to our lovely sponsors: Kasual Project, BagusBagus and of course The BlackcatSS and Co. for that cute plush camera! Also thanks to Bobobobo who helped us sold the tickets for saturday session, Fransisca Angela for coming and taking beautiful shots on Sunday, Djadjan who provides healthy soes for the souvenir, and Pinot a.k.a Papin who took the snaphots and video of this workshop. Looove the video a lot! And thank you to all participants of Afternoon Delight: Food Story with @ Ditut.

Now, it’s time for us to get back to our desks and get ready for more exciting things next year. Meanwhile, go to Denia and Kitty Manu‘s blogs for more stories of our Afternoon Delight: Food Story with @ ditut. Thank you so much girls for sharing your lovely posts with us. Xx



Photos courtesy of Fransisca Angela and Dita Wistarini

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