Flowers, chocolates, and lots of pretty colors filled our days last week end. After waiting for almost 2 years since we started this blog, finally we can collaborate in-person with Ayang Cempaka. We knew her since  2010 through online world, but never had a chance to meet because she’s been living in Dubai these past few years. So we were lucky enough to host these four ‘painting with gouache’ classes with her last weekend!

One of the funniest things was we never really had a meeting with Ayang. Every single preparation and updates for this event were shared through WhatsApp and emails. And our real encounter with Ayang was one day before the workshop. But Ayang is fast and fun to collaborate with. And we found her to be very humorous and quite…sprightly.

She was a bit nervous about giving workshop for the first time. But Ayang’s fun and friendly personality made all the workshops went pretty smooth. The sweet smell of chocolate from Pipiltin Cocoa‘s chocolate grinding machine greeted the participants, accompanied by gorgeous flower bouquet from Atelier Fleuri by Natasha Roesli that was also served as an inspirations. We began the workshop with a little introduction to Living Loving and Ayang Cempaka brand. Ayang also shared her painting supplies and tips for beginners. Then, she taught the participants some basic strokes and shapes. Every participant got painting kit like brushes, palette, pencil, eraser, watercolor paper, some gouache in basic colors, and Ayang Cempaka’s custom paper folder to store the participant’s painting projects. Then, Ayang showed us how to make a simple flower arrangement on paper, from scratch. And after that, the participants were free to paint the sketches over with gouache.

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Although most of the participants were relatively new to gouache, to our surprise a lot of participants who managed to make a neat and pretty-colored painting. Some of the participants were even able to create their own beautiful color combination or flower shapes. It was a total feast fo the eyes to see these beautiful paintings. After their painting was done, they got to taste three variants of mini sandwiches and Tabanan Bali and Pidie Jaya chocolates from Pipiltin Cocoa. Participants also had a chance to look Ayang Cempaka’s pop up shop that sold her artwork like posters, cards, and notebooks, with…special price! No wonder it didn’t take much time for the participants to gather around the pop up shop and bought Ayang’s product. And of course there’s a “mandatory” group shots at the end of each session in front of our simply chic photo booth, decorated by Oh Prep.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Every participant also got a hand-stenciled tote bag made by our friend Kitty Manu, filled with voucher from Vimala and cushion cover from Kemala Home Living for day 1 participants, or Hellohome‘s cushion for day 2 participants. Not only brought home the craft kit and goodie bag, they also got a chance to win doorprizes. At the end of each session, we got four names who won lovely goodies like: 2 dining vouchers from Pipiltin Cocoa, 1 hand-poured soy candle from Duft & Chandelle, and an art print from Ayang Cempaka!






We would like to say thank you to our lovely sponsors: Pipiltin Cocoa, Oh Prep, Atelier Fleuri, Kemala Home Living, Hellohome, Vimala, Duft & Chandelle, Kitty Manu. Also thanks to Bobobobo who helped us sold the tickets for saturday afternoon session, Linoluna who prepared the goods for Ayang pop up shop, Ade and our friend from Aidea who took the snaphots of day one madness, also our friend from Manual who captured the fun times on day two. And thank you to all participants of Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka.

Last but not least, big thanks and warm hugs to Ayang Cempaka. You really liven up all four sessions of the workshops. We hope to see you again soon!Photos courtesy of Manual. Check out more ‘Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka’ photos and story on their website.

Except 3rd, 6th, 13th and 14th photos courtesy of ssfather.

And you can check out Kitty and Feni‘s posts of ‘Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka’ on their blog. Thank you so much, girls. Xx

If you’re interested in taking class like this, subscribe your e-mail to our newsletter. Newsletter form is on the side bar of this blog. :)


Thank you Aidea and Space Monkeys team, especially Yudha, Muze and Gita, for helping us with the video.


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