Last week, we threw another gathering party and played with flowers again. Still used the same theme with the previous event, Afternoon Delight, we played with fresh flowers. The difference is this time we didn’t use roses and we only had two tutorials: making a corsage and a flower crown. We held Living Loving Class: Play with Flowers in two sessions so that more people could join the fun. For this class, we use Golden Rod, Peacock, and Carnation.

We got a chance to met a lot of new friends and spent the entire afternoon cutting, arranging, and transforming a bunch of pretty flowers into a handmade accessories. And yes, it was very messy with sprigs, wires, and leaves everywhere. But it was a beautiful mess. We had a lot of fun and we couldn’t help ourselves to snapped pictures every now and then. You can check the pictures that we captured on Instagram with the hashtag #LLclass.

It’s been a fun event and it sure was a delight to collaborated again with Kitty Manu and Claradevi. And also thank you to our lovely sponsors: Jungle Audio Post for the chic and cozy workshop space, Lolitatoo who gave its newly released Ayang Cempaka’s tattoo series for us and 4 lucky doorprize winners, and also Nuna’s Koekjes and Nuna’s Baked Goods who provided delicious baked goods like mini muffins and mini savory pies. Each participants also get to brought a jar of Nuna’s cookies with them as souvenirs.










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photo credit: Pixel Paper


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