Hello everyone!

We’ve been busy all week preparing for our Etsy Craft Party on Saturday June 7th with Workshop in a Box. We already printed the black and white photos and bought all the materials for DIY photo embroidery.


We also have an announcement for you. Our favorite illustrator, Ms. Diela Maharani will be joining us and she’ll share some of her tips on styling your stitches. If you haven’t seen her works, then you should go to her Instagram for more vibrant artworks. Even if you consider yourself as a monochrome person, it’s quite hard not to appreciate her colorful illustrations.


And we want to say sorry for everyone who didn’t get the seat for Craft Party. We wish we could have more space so everyone can join. But we do plan to have more event like this in the future, so do not hesitate to drop your e-mail and contact number to event[at]livingloving[dot]net. ;)

For all of you who already get a seat, see you tomorrow at 2.30 PM.



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