Last week, we hosted our first ever Etsy Craft Party in collaboration with Workshop in A Box. It was a fun event filled with colorful threads and lovely pictures.

Exactly a month ago, a friend mentioned us and Workshop In A Box. She suggested us to join the global celebration on Etsy. And we said yes without even gave a second thought :)) After that, the girls from Workshop in A Box and us started to chat over Whatsapp group and e-mails to remotely plan this whole event. We shared some task, booked the place, contacted the sponsors, and prepared the materials needed.





This year’s theme was “Recapture: Bring a new meaning to your photograph”. The Etsy team suggested a photo embroidery craft for the activity. But we wanted to create a photo embroidery that will not only look good when it was displayed, but it can be worn as well. Thus, we created a fabric photo embroidery on a tote bag. We asked the participants to sent their favorite photo. Then we printed it on a piece of fabric.

On the D-day all the guest look eager to decorate their photo with some embroidery thread. Diela Maharani, one of our most talented friends and an amazing illustrator shared her piece of embroidered photo. Chia from Workshop in A Box prepared a copy of basic embroidery stitches and gave some tips to the attendees. Although not all guest were used to do an embroidery project, but it didn’t stop them from making lovely creations with those needles and threads. We are proud of you, girls!






image (8)

We created some yarn-related decor items to liven up the space, such as a simple hanging yarn-wrapped wooden hoop, and these colorful yarn and twigs wall decor. Amesh made some yarn-wrapped letters, attached to a big collage of photos made by Forget Me Not stationery, as the backdrop decor behind the registration area. Pippa Paper’s cute framed portrait illustration also adorn the registration desk. On the snack table, tasty strawberry cheesecake and sacher torte by Cook.is standing side by side with FabPie’s yummy apple pie and choco pie.

photos taken from @putrifebriana, @ikeayuningtyas, @listyasariputri, and @workshopinabox's Instagram.

photos taken from @putrifebriana, @ikeayuningtyas, @listyasariputri, and @workshopinabox’s Instagram.

At the end of the day, we picked 3 lovely creation to won a special wall decor and customized greeting cards from Forget Me Not stationery. A couple of days after the workshop, we pick three more winners that shares their final creation on Instagram. Each one of them get this lovely ikat clutch from Tenun Ikat Shop.



We would like to say thank you to our sponsors and partners:  Forget Me Not stationery for the printings and doorprize, Dreamesh Living for that wooden blackboard, Cook.is and FabPie for the desserts, Wita from Pippa Paper for the printables design, Quick Click who captured the fun at the photo booth, 1/15 Coffee for the lovely place and ambience, Mola for the lovely notebooks, Ideku Handmade for the tote bag, and last but not least Diela Maharani for the inspiration.

Both of us personally want to thank the ladies from Workshop in A Box too. It was a fun (and hectic) collaboration. Big hugs and triple kisses.



Photos courtesy of Lia and Workshop in a Box. Except feature photo courtesy of The Blackcatss & Co.



  • emmy marlia

    mba kalo mau ikutan workshop kayak ginian gimana sih?
    dimana infonya?

    • Nike Prima

      Subscribe e-mail kamu di newsletter kami ya..cek sidebar blog dan masukkan e-mail di bawah box “join our newsletter”. Kami selalu infokan acara workshop dan lainnya lewat newsletter. :D
      Thank you

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