Both of us are fans of Ayang Cempaka‘s artwork since a couple of years ago. From pretty notebook to beautiful art prints, Ayang successfully turns her childhood hobby of drawing into a range of well-crafted products. Ayang Cempaka’s product line consists of design and paper goods, such as art print, greeting cards, and stationery alongside custom portrait and wedding invitation. Her art prints also makes a great gift for any occassion.

Since last year, we’ve always wanted to collaborate with Ayang to create a workshop for Living Loving readers. But since she’s living in Dubai, we always wondered when she’ll get back to Indonesia. And a month ago, she’s finally flew back to her home in Yogyakarta, and we cannot wait to ask her to do some collaboration. So we’ve started to arrange this special event with Ayang Cempaka for Living Loving readers.




Whimsical Garden with Ayang Cempaka will take place at Pipiltin Cocoa, Jl. Barito II no.5, Jakarta Selatan. The event will be held in two sessions on October 18th, 2014. The first session is from 10 Am to 1.30 PM. While the second session is from 2.30-6PM. We may organize some additional sessions on Sunday, 19 October 2014 if there’s enough participants on the waiting list.

After the painting workshop, Pipiltin Cocoa will invite the guests to experience their blind-chocolate testing. Every participants get a chance to win a dining voucher from Pipiltin Cocoa!

The registration will be open on Monday noon via Eventbrite. We’ll post the link soon. Only a few seats available for each session. So be sure to check it as soon as the tickets are on sale.

Thank you and have a lovely week end, friends! :)


*photo and illustrations by Ayang Cempaka

Penyuka craft yang lebih senang dapat voucher toko buku dibanding voucher baju. Ibu satu putri yang akrab dipanggil Mamir ini selalu sibuk cari inspirasi dekor atau palet warna di internet sambil menyantap segala macam penganan yang ada di studio Living Loving. Kamu bisa menyapa Mamir di akun Instagram-nya (@mamiraz) atau mengontaknya di miranti (at) livingloving (dot) net


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