Last month, we visited BidiBidiBongBong, that’s the nickname of the house, because we interested in its decor. Diana Rikasari’s love for colors were already known to the readers of her blog or  her followers on Instagram. She also incorporated lots of colors into her home. What we loved most about it is that Diana really can play with colors very well without making it looks tacky. The key is to use a neutral tone, like white and gray, as the dominant color to balance other bold colors. The total looks gave a clean, eclectic, and playful feeling.


Diana and Sharjeel picked a bright red color for the front door because they both love the houses in UK, which sometimes have the doors painted in bright colors like red, yellow, and blue. Stairs adorn with beautiful vintage-ish tiles (tegel) made a nice impression as we enter the house. A foyer decorated with wooden nesting tables, colorful crochet throw, and beautiful illustration of Ayang Cempaka gave a warm welcome to every guest. Diana also used these tiles at her kitchen floor and backsplash wall. She picked yellow tiles to match her yellow-tone countertop. The house has many openings that provides good ventilation, so it reduced the need to use much ACs.

lovely-nest-Diana-Rikasari-2 lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-3



lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-6 lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-7




lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-11 lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-12 lovely-nest-diana-rikasari-13



1. Three words that best describes you and Sharjeel?
Fun, meticulous, dorky

2. What is important to you in a living space?
Cleanliness is #1. I’m basically a neat freak. And I’m obsessed with colors, like lots of colors.

3. What’s your favorite home decor things?
I love love love (faux) deer heads and the like. But recently I just bought this human head glass figurine and it’s becoming my most favorite.

4. Where’s your favorite room in the house?
I dining area. I love the rawness it has. The wooden table, the exposed brick wall, and the view to the fish pond with unpainted concrete wall as the background all feels so homey for me.

5. Do you have any favorite place to buy your home decor stuff?
This would be the most ‘today’ answer: INSTAGRAM. Yes, I actually hunt stuff in Instagram; through other people’s “likes” or simply search using hashtags.

6. Where do you get the inspirations for that colorful stair?
Inspiration came from the fact that stairs are the place where you actually stare. Stair stare kinda thing (pun intended). Basically, I wanted ‘climbing up the stairs’ to be a fun thing, staring at different colors and different patterns every time you step.

7. What is your consideration when decorating the baby’s room?
I simply want to introduce my kid(s) to all colors, and let them choose which color(s) they like on their own as they grow bigger. I don’t think it’s fair to force a certain color to your kid hehe.

8. You have lots of Diela Maharani’s artwork in your house. What do you love most about it?
She’s my favorite artist. My girl. She speaks my language and her creations always make me happy. I like how she combines colors.

9. Do you have any favorite online references for home decor?
I like to search inspiration from “A Beautiful Mess” and “Houzz”.

10. Can you gave a some tips to everyone who wants to incorporated colors into their home?
Go colorful but don’t go mad hehe. You gotta balance colors with muted elements so that things don’t feel too circus-ey.

Still curious about Diana and Sharjeel’s house? Take a quick tour inside Bidibidibongbong!

Here’s some of the newest addition into Diana’s house, taken from her Instagram :)


According to Diana, a home should be a place where you find peace. And we cannot agree more. Thank you so much Diana and Sharjeel for letting us visited your home. We hope your wish to finish the decoration on the studio can be fulfilled. Kisses to baby S!

photo courtesy of Living Loving except the last collage, courtesy of Diana Rikasari


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