Hello lovely friends,

This month we are celebrating Living Loving’s first year anniversary. We remembered the first time we went online (for public) on February 1st 2013. Instead of telling everyone on social media that we just launch a blog, we sent an e-mail to some of our friends that day. Since then, we’ve met a lot of new friends and collaborated with many creative talents.

So we’ve definitely changed and grown A LOT.  We can say that Living Loving is one of the best decisions we’ve ever done. :)

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely supports. Thank you for the amazing opportunities and experiences. We love you all. Xx

ps: we just finished our own media kit this week, you can download it on our advertise page. If you’re interested to collaborate with us, don’t hesitate to say hi on our contact page or simply reach us on Twitter and Facebook. ;)



Suka menulis dan hobi menggambar rumah serta denahnya sejak kecil. Nike membuat Living Loving untuk mengembalikan dan mengembangkan kecintaannya akan menulis dan minatnya akan rumah, dekorasi dan desain. Mulai membuat website dan blog sendiri sejak 2000, mengkoleksi dan berbagi cerita selalu jadi bagian penting dalam hidupnya.


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