Ever since I joined Chia’s calligraphy workshop on Workshop Kittykitz, I found a new interest: hand lettering. No, I’m not that good at calligraphy and still needs a LOT of hand-lettering practices. Like on this photo below. I used watercolor, brush, and Pigma brush pen for the quote on the left. I used calligraphy nib, regular ink, and watercolor for the illustration on the “Have a Nice Day” quote.


Still trying to learn how to use brush pen, and my calligraphy lines still look like they all have the same width, haha. But I looove to browse the Instagram to look for inspirations from great hand-lettering artist account with beautiful photos of handwriten words. Sometimes there are some pictures that gives you good mood just by looking at it, and so does this hand-lettering artworks to me. For those of you who loves calligraphy, Maybelle Imasa is probably already on your Instagram’s following list. But there are still a lot of inspiring hand-lettering artist out there. Sometimes I just search for the tags #calligraphy or #handlettering or #brushlettering. Here’s a few of my favorite artist that I’ve been following on Instagram:


For calligraphy, I prefer a more modern approach rather than classic penmanship. I like how Chia from @cforcalligraphy plays with her pen and nib not only to create lovely words but also to draw, like this cute poodle drawing made from calligraphy flourishes (1). Vero, who creates a beautiful centerpiece decorated with calligraphy for our first Afternoon Delight, is filling her instagram account @truffypi with lots of her pretty artwork (2). While Laura Hooper-Leader from @lhcalligraphy shows up not only a beautiful calligraphy and photo styling, but also plenty of wedding-related inspirations (3). And I  like how Karla from @writtenwordcalligraphy combines the hand-lettering with a subtle watercolor painting for her (mostly) wedding-related artwork (4).


While I admire the delicate swirls and swoops of calligraphy, I must admit that I had a big crush on brush-lettering. I love the simplicity, the uneven, and the (sometimes) messy look of it. The first is an Indonesian @felingpoh who’s also a very talented illustrator (1). Courtney from @hibridblog also creates a simple and lovely brush-lettering (2). I love the clean layout of Miranti Kayess’ blog, Pen and Peplum, and she’s happen to have an instagram account too at @penandpeplum (3).  While @jasminedowling became my most favorite hand-lettering artist for now. Not only has a cool typography art print that are available online, she’s also have a cool fashion style (that me and Nike usually calls: “Mba-mba keren”) :D (4). For a bit messier look, you might want to check @talesatsea‘s account (5). And look how this colorful painting became a lively background for @kalbarteski‘s bold brush-lettering (6).

And sometimes, there are artists that aren’t only good at one type of hand-lettering, like Molly Jacques. I know her when Ayang Cempaka told me about her beautiful hand-lettering artwork on Instagram. Not too girly, and sometimes playful, using different kinds of media.


Another example is @calligrafikas who likes to create calligraphy and hand-lettering using brush pen.


For the guys, you might want to check some cool hand-lettering and typography-related artworks by @eindraw, @neilsecretario, @tinlunstudio, and @seanwes. And as Miranti Kayess said on her artwork that I use for the feature image, I really could stare on their handwritings all day long.

What about you? Do you have any recommended hand-lettering artist on Instagram?


Penyuka craft yang lebih senang dapat voucher toko buku dibanding voucher baju. Ibu satu putri yang akrab dipanggil Mamir ini selalu sibuk cari inspirasi dekor atau palet warna di internet sambil menyantap segala macam penganan yang ada di studio Living Loving. Kamu bisa menyapa Mamir di akun Instagram-nya (@mamiraz) atau mengontaknya di miranti (at) livingloving (dot) net


  • isyana

    aku suka kaligrafi… tapi selalu dapet C waktu kuliah dan hampir ga lulus :(… i just don’t seem to ‘get’ it, i think calligraphy is hard work! aku juga suka banget @truffypi sama @feelingpoh mir, bakat banget tangannya!

  • Tia

    aku lagi suka @shannonkirsten mamir, karyanya kliatan ‘berantakan’, gak niat tapi cantik :)

  • Andra

    Aku suka Katherine Karnadi @kathkrnd :)

  • Miranti

    @Yana waah..di sastra ada mata kuliah kaligrafi? baru tauu.. And yes, totally agree that calligraphy is hard.
    @ Tia & Andra: wah dua-duanya aku baru denger. cek ah. Thank you for sharing :)

  • isyana

    emang aku pernah bilang aku anak satra ya? bukan mir, aku anak desain ^^. di desain ada mata kuliah kaligrafi :)

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