Preparing a party for your kids? You can add some DIY decor such as paper garlands or small milk bottle with paper straw. Or you can use a mini memo clip, scented candle, and cool canvas coaster to decorate the room. Looking for party favor idea? How about some playful plushies? Check out these items to add more fun to your little one’s special day.


1. FIL Memo Clip by Ombree Living, Rp50.000/pcs
Add fun to your table with these little troops. Other than to hold your mini note, you can also use it as a place card holder. Just slip a card with your guest name on the clip, and put it on the placemat or pretty plate. Available in various color.

2. Raspberry Blackberry Candle by Lotta Gift, Rp85.000
Handmade scented candle with fruity scents that can create a sweet ambience on your party. You can customized the lid with different fabric pattern. Comes in a 200ml jar and has 30 hours burn time.

3. Coaster by Ombree Living, Rp35.000/ pair
Don’t worry about wet table from condensation on glass or cold bottle. Use this 10x10cm canvas coaster with 4 pattern to pick: polka dots, houndstooth, and two colors of stripes.

4. Jazz Bass by Heartmade, Rp50.000
This musical instrument plushies is a great gift idea for a kids’ birthday. Sized 33x15x8 cm, made from fleece, filled with dacron fiber, and fully handsewn! Also available in other types of sizes and shapes like guitar, piano, and dolls.

photo credit: Living Loving, Ombree Living, and Heartmade

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