Nike loves black and white and her friends kinda associated her with that palette. While I obsessed with cute stationeries since I was a little girl. So we think why not combined both things that we like and create a black and white stationery wishlist for this November!



1. Customized sketchbook A5, Rp55.000, Skylight Projects
Based in Yogyakarta, Skylight offer hard cover book with their own doodles for the cover. But you can also order a notebook or sketchbook with your own cover design! Available in 2 sizes, A4 and A5 with price ranging from Rp40.000-65.000.

2. “You’re Weird, I Like Weird” Greeting Card, Rp35.000, The Little Talks via bobobobo.com
This monochrome greeting card with a not-so-ordinary quote bring smile to my face. Perfect as a gift card for besties with whom we can be weird together. :D

3. Javan Rhinos Set, Rp60.000-125.000, Lestari
Capturing the exquisite forms of the animals and plants originated from Indonesia, Lestari provides a broad range of adorable patterns like Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan, Javan Rhino, Rafflesia Arnoldii, and Amophophallus. Product ranging from mini to big pouch and pencilcase. They ship worldwide and also available at Alun-alun Indonesia and Zalora.

4. MT Olle Eksel Cirkus, Rp48.000, Gudily
Well, this isn’t really black and white item but hey, grey is a closed relative of black, right? Right? :p Hope you’re agree with me because this MT tape is too cute to not be included in this wishlist. It’s not the usual circus theme that interpreted in colorful ilustrations. It picks grey as the base color and a bit red-yellow-green as accent. You can use it to decorate your notebook.

Penyuka craft yang lebih senang dapat voucher toko buku dibanding voucher baju. Ibu satu putri yang akrab dipanggil Mamir ini selalu sibuk cari inspirasi dekor atau palet warna di internet sambil menyantap segala macam penganan yang ada di studio Living Loving. Kamu bisa menyapa Mamir di akun Instagram-nya (@mamiraz) atau mengontaknya di miranti (at) livingloving (dot) net

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