Do you have a space on your wall that you need to fill with colors, but you don’t want the wall decor to be over the top? Try this. Go find a sheet of gift wrap with nice pattern and frame it.


Last year I was looking for a poster and I ended up buying Rifle Paper Co.’s happy stripe ¬†gift wrap and framed it. This gift wrap poster gave a nice accent to my work space, without being too loud. And the best thing about gift wrap is you can cut them out to any size, just like what Bini did with her Kelly Hyatt’s Sodermalm wrapping paper from Linoluna.

dress-your-wall-linoluna-giftwrap-bini-1 can do what Nanda did to her gift wraps. She cut the gift wrap to triangles..glued them to a piece of twine…voila! a flag bunting for her daughter’s bedroom.


You can create your own wall decor from gift wrap, too. And if you’re not really into patterns, some gift wraps are more like posters. You can find out more about where to find lovely gift wrap on Miranti’s adorable gift wrap post.

photo courtesy of Bini Fitriani and Rianda Paramita.

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  • audrey

    I’ve always liked the idea of hanging a bunch of frames with beautiful prints and have even bought some but never got around to actually hanging them because i have no clue as to where i can find decent frames in jakarta..

    • Nike Prima

      Adorama and Ace Hardware have plenty of plain frames with good design. If you go to Bandung, you can go to Jonas for cheap but nice looking frames. ;)

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