We always always love to decorate plain wall with lovely things, and this is the reason why we decided to have our own Dress Your Wall section. Last year, I followed this Jesus Sauvage Instagram account and fell in love with her weaving works. Since then, woven wall hanging became one of my wall decor obsessions.

If you go to Pinterest, you’ll find that there are A LOT kinds of woven wall hangings. In fact, this handmade wall art is probably part of ‘the rise of 70s’ we saw on a decor trend over the last few years. Some of these woven wall hangings are showing vibrant colors and fluffy textures. But there are the ones with muted colors and more sophisticated look too.

Here are some of my favorites. :)


I can’t get enough of woven wall hangings with a touch of modern by Jesus Sauvage



and colorful hangings by Natalie Miller is Miranti’s pick!


The vibrant colored and rich textures wall hangings by Maryanne Moodie


and these lovely ones from Native Textiles

And believe it or not, I even decided to learn how to weave. It was strange, because I’m not a knit or crochet person, and I can’t sew. But I found weaving seemed easier to follow so I bought this ‘weaving loom starter kit for kids’ and started to make my own woven wall hangings. Hooray! :D

Anyways, are you into this fabric wall decor? or do you have your own favorite weaving artist? :)

Photos courtesy of Jesus Sauvage, Maryanne Moodie, Natalie Miller and Native Textiles.

Feature pfoto courtesy of The American Edit



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