We already told you about our playdate time with friends on Martha Stewart Living Indonesia June 2014 edition. It really was a fun thing and we were lucky we got so much help from the girls, including Putri from The Blackcatss & Co. We asked her to make a black and white animal garland, and she came up with this adorable garland! :D

Besides garland, you can also print the pictures onto a card stock then attached a paper straw or wooden chopstick at the back of the paper to create an animal paper puppet.

inspiration-playdate-martha-stewart-living-for-livingloving-cropped-5Why black and white? Well, because we can never get enough of these colors..and they’re also nice to add a bit of modern touch into your decor. these little animals will suit perfectly to most kinds of kids room or party.

You can download this printable animal garland (file size: 10MB) right here.

Thank you so much Putri and The Blackcatss & Co.

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  • antartika

    hi! thanks for the printable, they’re hanging on my office desk now ;)

  • hanasahl

    hello, thanks for the printables! may i know where did you buy those pretty little basket bags?
    fyi i sent a message to you guys not too long ago but not sure if you got it?

    • Miranti

      You’re welcome :) The woven basket is from Hoppipolla Craft, but I can’t seem to find the online store address of it. Btw, we can’t recall received any message from you. Could you send it again? Thank you

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