Linoluna has just opened their ‘Redefining Scandinavian Living’ inspired pop up store with Nagarey. If you haven’t heard about Linoluna, you should go check their website now.

This home decor and paper goods online store founded  in 2013 is definitely one of our favorites. Why? Well, how can you resist these lovely things from Rifle Paper Co., Ayang Cempaka, Orla Kiely, Ingela P. Arrhenius and more? ;)


linoluna-collageThis month, Linoluna has just opened their pop up store at Common House, Panglima Polim IX No. 16, Jakarta Selatan. This temporary store will be opened until May 11th 2014. You can find more beautiful things from Linoluna, Nagarey and other brands for your home here.

And we have extra good news. We are giving away 2 Linoluna vouchers (@Rp250.000) for Living Loving readers. This voucher can be used online at Linoluna webstore, or offline at their Common House  pop up store.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway contest:

  1. Take a picture of your lovely nook at your place. This can be your own quiet space where you spend most of your time reading, your working space, or your little corner of memories. It really is up to you, and you can post more than one picture. ;)
  2. Post it on your Instagram account
  3. Don’t forget to give us a brief description of your space with a #lovelynook hashtag and mention/tag @livinglovingnet

This giveaway post is inspired by the oh-s0-lovely space of Linoluna founders, Hanna and Michael.  ;)


This giveaway contest will be closed on Friday, April 25 2014 at 9pm. The winners will be announced on Saturday, April 26 204.

Have a nice weekend, lovely friends. Xx


photo courtesy of Linoluna and Hanna Siahaan


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