When I tried to make my own cushion cover, i made it with an envelope pattern that didn’t require a zipper because I couldn’t do a neat seam. So when I saw Kemala Home Living’s cushion with their signature zipper, i just thought, “hey, that’s a good idea!”. Instead of hiding the zipper, they just show the zipper on the middle of the cushion cover and incorporated it as a part of the cushion’s design.


The zipper is only on the front side of the cover. So you can safely sleep on the other side of the cushion without being worried about having a zipper marks on your cheeks. We love this chevron patterned cushion cover in white and navy blue. But the cushion cover are also available in other option like floral, stripes, and ikat pattern.

living-kemalahomeliving-kolaseThis 45×45 cm cushion cover is sure to add some fun to your home. Made of lush linen fabric and hypoallergenic silicone cotton filling. You can also order a regular model with a concealed zipper at the side. The price of the cushion covers ranging from IDR 150.000 to IDR 220.000.

Kemala Home Living also offers a variety of traditional chic and organic modern goodness for your everyday life. Besides cushion covers, they’re also sells placemat, tea towel, table runner, wood coasters and cutting board, and apparels like handwoven dresses and skirts. You can check it out at their instagram account @kemalahomelivingYou can also order customized products and bulk orders (50 pieces or more).


The owner, Dian Siradz is a development worker by day, and an interior enthusiast by night. She wants to empower women and the local communities, so she tries to either buy her raw materials locally or work with local craftsmen. She has a big dream for Kemala Home Living to be known worldwide. And we believe she can made it come true. ;)

Penyuka craft yang lebih senang dapat voucher toko buku dibanding voucher baju. Ibu satu putri yang akrab dipanggil Mamir ini selalu sibuk cari inspirasi dekor atau palet warna di internet sambil menyantap segala macam penganan yang ada di studio Living Loving. Kamu bisa menyapa Mamir di akun Instagram-nya (@mamiraz) atau mengontaknya di miranti (at) livingloving (dot) net


  • Dinda Nayaredhanty

    Dear living loving,

    I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while now, and I really, really love them! Especially the DIYs and the recipe posts. It really helped me because I studied overseas and your recipes are easy to follow, which ended up made my days brighter! :)

    Keep on the good quality post, looking forward for more! Much love.

    • Nike Prima

      Hi Dinda, thank you so much for reading our blog. Glad that we could make someone’s day special :D
      Have a nice day, Dinda. Xx

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