Earlier this year, we stumbled upon one this local all natural bath and body products on Instagram account named Vimala. Their sleek and simple designed products caught our attention. So, we contacted Vera and Michella, the owners of Vimala, to be part of our first Afternoon Delight program.

It turns out that Vimala is not just another product with nice packaging. We’re not an experts in beauty and skin care and we barely change our skin care products. But we do love Vimala, because we know it’s one of those products that made with love.

Despite the fact that their educational background are fashion and design strategy, Vera and Michella are believers in natural remedies. They started to make their own all natural bath and body products on weekends. They do everything by themselves, from sourcing, handpicking, and testing the best ingredients to making, and cutting each bar of soap to product photography and answering on and offline enquiries. It’s always fascinating to see a growing home business. 


loving-vimala-skin-care-collage-livinglovingWe also love Vimala for the quality. Me and Miranti really like their lip balm. It really helped nourishing our easily dried lips during this fasting month of Ramadhan. It’s actually one of the best lip balms we’ve ever tried. I also recommend bug free body mist. I’ve applied this repellent spray every single night, and it protected my skin from mosquito bites.

We’ve also tried other products like body oil, body mist and hand crafted soap. I barely used all natural products, so it took a little time for me to get used of the scent. But the smell turned out to be pretty soft.

Since the products are using all natural ingredients, they last shorter than regular skin care products. Most of their products last for 12 months after the first use. We found this info on their website and Instagram. We think it would be really nice if they put it on each product’s label along with a short instruction on how to use the product. :)

Vera and Michella told us that soon they will come up with more products, including home living, such as room mist, organic tea and aromatherapy. If you’re curious to find out more about Vimala, go to their website and follow their Instagram for more updates.


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