When I visited this blog named Scout. last year, I was instantly in love with its subtle colored pictures. It’s one of those feel-good blogs. I adored Jenn Elliot Blake, the girl behind this beautiful blog. She is a prop stylist, and she had worked with various kinds of events and magazines, including Kinfolk.

So, I contacted Jenn and asked if she would share the bits and bobs about the city she lived in, Seattle. I’m a ’90s music’ kinda girl. A lot of my favorite musicians are from this city. So..yes I was curious about Seattle. And I actually couldn’t believe Jenn said yes. So, here’s Jenn and her story about Seattle. :)


Tell us about you and where you live
I grew up in Colorado, taking the stunning Rocky Mountains, moody afternoon thunderstorms and authentic Mexican breakfast burritos for granted before moving to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) after graduating from college with a degree in Nursing and Psychology. My husband and I have been residing in Seattle, Washington for the past 8 years with our English Bulldog Bailie Bug. We miss the Colorado sunshine everyday, but have found blissful and unwavering love for the city of Seattle. I’m currently working as a freelance prop stylist, in both the Seattle area and wherever my work takes me both nationally and abroad. My biggest passions are : traveling, spending quiet nights at home with good friends, good wine & a good movie, and collaborating with fellow artists on community focused dinners and events.

3 things you love about Seattle

  • The textures and natural variations of the city – you can see water, mountains, and urban settings all in one spot. You can get the best of all that nature has to offer in a single days time.
  • The FOOD! More options than you could ever imagine and all amazing! Too many goodies to list!
  • The people. We have made so many wonderful and life long friends here.

Where are your favorite places to visit on the weekend

  • The Ballard Sunday Farmers Market has to be my favorite. Ballard in my opinion is the best neighborhood in all of Seattle. There is a warmth and comfort I feel there that is unmatched by anywhere else in the city. The market is always so robust and full of lovely and local produce, flowers, cheeses and more. Every time I go I’m inspired and leave feeling really really happy.
  • Pike Place Market. Even though the “locals” would consider it a touristy spot, I love going down even on a busy weekend to sample all of the yummy local treats. A stop in Beechers for their famous Mac N’ Cheese is a must!
  • Greenlake Park – I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gone on a quiet and serene walk here with friends around this beautiful lake. One of my favorite things to do in Seattle for sure.




When is the best time to visit Seattle
It really depends on what you’re hoping for. If you’re expecting sunshine and warm weather, don’t visit until after July 4th and before mid September. If you’ve hoping for an authentic (sunny & moody) Seattle day, visit sometime in the late fall. It’s absolutely stunning during that time of year and all of the tourists have returned home to go back to school/work. The city calms down from the hustle of the summer and you will see the true authentic side of Seattle without the bitter cold off the Puget Sound in the winter or spring.


Where are the best spots to enjoy a beautiful sunrise (or sunset and city lights)
I would say West Seattle or a ferry boat ride for a city light view. For a sunset or sunrise : Golden Garden’s or Discovery Park.


Where do you buy stuff (interior/decor) for your home?
I tend to gravitate towards the vintage shops for interior stuff : Fremont Vintage Mall, Antiques at Pike Place Market, EarthWise Salvage on 4th Avenue in Sodo, Space Oddity and Ludlow. I also love Lucca in Ballard, Anthropologie for plates, dishes & textiles, Watson Kennedy, & Sur La Table down at Pike Place Market.

Tell us your music playlist when you’re walking around the city
I’m an indie gal all the way, but I love popular pop music as well. It just really depends on my mood. You can catch me listening to oldies like Carol King and James Taylor, or newbies like Mumford & Sons or Ray LaMontagne. I love Adele, Dave Matthews (my go to tunes while traveling or visiting family back home in CO) and Seattle native Macklemore for an upbeat day kind of day. I’ve also been loving all the new stuff coming from Lorde.


You can find more beautiful pictures captured by Jenn on her Instagram. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, Jenn. We also love your idea of doing the ‘self care – gratitude walks‘. It’s a simple reminder to live the moment, and just be here and now. :)


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  • Andri Permana

    Now I know more about Seattle. Obviously, it is not just the “grunge”. :D

    • Nike Prima

      yup, we grew up listening to seattle sound :D now we know Seattle is not only a home of pearl jam, nirvana or soundgarden :p

  • Yudha Hari

    Lovely city, thank you for sharing

  • Titiw

    Awww.. so sweet.. How can a simple interview and pictures feel so good gini sih? *thumbs up*

    • Nike Prima

      that’s the magic of Jenn. Kami suka sekali dengan foto-foto dan tulisan manisnya yang bikin adem setiap mampir ke blog-nya. :D

  • Tarlen Handayani

    Seattle itu seperti kota suci yang menggenapi impian masa muda sebagai generasi yang dibesarkan oleh Seattle Sound. Aku ga akan pernah lupa dengan rasa angin dan udara danau Washington Seattle dan bau musim panas di Volunteer Park Seattle.. dan akrabnya Public Market Seattle, bertekad suatu hari nanti harus balik lagi ke kota ini..

    • Nike Prima

      ah beruntungnya kamu pernah ke Seattle, mba. Aku masih cita-cita. :D Tapi kalo aku mungkin lebih berat ke Dublin karena faktor U2. Kalau Seattle, aku tunggu Chris Cornell, dkk konser di dekat sini saja. Hihi

  • dewitya

    terimaksih untuk berbagi cerita tentang seatlle, gak sabar untuk tinggal disana:)

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