These last few years, I’ve been losing my interest in printed media. It’s sad I know, because working in printed magazine was one of my dreams back then in school years. I still bought printed magazines though, but I was quite picky. I prefer magazines with specific content than the ones that offer various kind of articles from fashion, lifestyle to health in one issue. But I’ve never been a loyal reader anymore. I decided to buy one when the content is so interesting that I couldn’t find it elsewhere. Kinfolk is a different case.


loving-kinfolk-bobobobo-2 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetFounded in 2011, this community based magazine offers exactly what I want in magazine. Thoughtful words and unpretentious kind of pictures. Kinfolk focuses on small gatherings and finding inspirations of make, do and cook. There’s no fashion spread nor must buy items page you usually see on lifestyle magazines. And the best thing, it’s an ad free magazine. It really is too good to be true. :)

I started reading Kinfolk last year. The price is slightly higher than other magazines, but they only publish once every two months and their content is timeless. So for me, it is the kind of magazine you want to put on your book shelf so you can read it again and again.

Every issue has different topic, and their latest ‘home’ issue is my favorite. Featuring homes and stories around the globe, I love to see the meaning of home in many different perspectives. No, you won’t find any product recommendations for your living room, Kinfolk  but you’ll find the meaning of being a homebody and how to make yourself at home whenever you go.

In case you wonder, I bought Kinfolk at Bobobobo. It’s one of my personal favorite online stores. All the goods they sell are carefully curated, including the magazines on books and novelties (well, I wish they had more books though :D). I also love their home section, because there are quite a lot of local handmade products. Some of them are my favorite brands. :)

loving-bobobobo-kinfolk-1 loving-bobobobo-kinfolk-2 loving-bobobobo-kinfolk-3

I also bought Cereal magazine. Cereal is a quarterly magazine focusing on travel and lifestyle. Featuring curated travel destinations and lifestyle inspirations with great photos.loving-bobobobo-kinfolk-4

What I also love about shopping at Bobobobo is how thoughtful they are when it comes to packaging. The magazines I received were nicely wrapped in paper inside cardboard box. I had those experience when I opened my package and I found the products I’d ordered  had a scratch (or worse, broken). Bobobobo also  has a nice and sleek designed web store, and always updated with good and inspiring content. So, it is always a pleasure browsing through their web, even if you don’t  plan to buy anything. :D

Anyway, it’s still sunday.  So, I still have a little time to enjoy these magazines and a cup of hot chocolate.  Xx




Simple, functional, modern, in love with details. Nike menghabiskan masa kecilnya di Kepulauan Riau dan Sulawesi Tenggara, membuatnya merasa berbeda sejak kembali tinggal di Jakarta dan suka menikmati tempat baru. Mulai blogging sejak tahun 2000, bahkan ketika istilah blog belum ada. Ketertarikannya akan dunia media dan kreatif sudah ada sejak masih sekolah. Sebelum menjalankan Living Loving, Nike bekerja selama 7,5 tahun di industri media, kreatif dan digital. Kamu bisa melihat dan menyapanya juga di Instagram (@nikeprima) dan nike (at) livingloving (dot) net


  1. makasih infonya nike, jadi pengen punya majalah kinfolk juga :)

    • harus :D menyegarkan mata dan bikin hati adem. hihi

  2. Fifi Juliana Jelita

    3 June

    sori agak keluar topik. tapi, liat boks bukunya jadi kepikiran: setelah gak kepake, boksnya bisa ditambahin kardus persegi panjang langsing dan pentul, trus berubah jadi player piringan hitam, ya? lumayan buat mainan anak kecil. hihi..

    • eits jangan salah..udah ada beberapa rencana dari boks ini loh :))) ide pemutar piringan hitam lucuk jugaa

  3. Fifi Juliana Jelita

    6 June

    emang dasar gak boleh liat “sampah”, ya.. hehe..

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