Working behind desk or in front of the computers can be a little bit boring. So some people loves to decorate their workspace to make it a bit more lively by adding some colorful knick-knacks. If you’re not a fan of color-play, maybe you can pick some decorating items in a more neutral color.

Last week, we got some  stuff from our friend at 2madison: a woodden magnet and a cutting board. We think these would be perfect to be displayed at our working space. This animal head magnets from plywood were already nice in its natural color. But we wanted to add a little colors to give it a more modern look. We used washi tape to decorate the antlers part of the deerhead-shape magnet, and the nose part of the rhinos and bear-shaped one. Apply various patterns and sizes of washi tapes directly on the antlers. Then, using cutting mat and X-acto knife (or small cutter), cut the excess tape carefully following the antlers shape. Use the same technique to apply the washi tape on the bear and rhino’s head. Washi tape is easily removed so if you want your natural color animal head magnets back, you can peel it off easily without any damage. ;)

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As for the cutting board, we felt that the teak wood are very beautiful so we didn’t have a heart to paint it or attach anything permanently to it. So we took some inspiration from Almost Makes Perfect blog and used some elastic ribbons to make this simple organizer. Measure and cut the ribbons to fit around the width of the board. Pull the ribbons gently so the two edges were overlapping, then use a safety pins to fastened it. That’s it! As simple as that. You can add few ribbons in different colors. Use it to keep your glasses or some simple notes. If you’re bored or want to use the cutting board as a serving tray for your afternoon tea, just detach the safety pins.





And here’s the final result. The dark-brown color from those wooden accent gave a warm feeling to our workspace. A small amount of bright color like yellow, blue, and orange gave a bit of modern touch to it.

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You could get this Animal Heads Magnet and Wooden Teak Tray from 2madison. Their products are 100% created and produced by Indonesian designers and crafters. :)

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