What makes house a home?

Every person has their own answers to that question. Some will say that it’s the inhabitants that they share the house with (including pets). Some says that the decor that suits their personal style helps to define a “home”. Another one says that it’s the memories and laughters that gives comfort to a house and called it home. And some will answers with simple but significant details like “home is where you can put your make up off”, “home is where you can read a book and sip a cup of coffee while relaxing in a pajamas”, or “home is when you wake up with the natural scent of your hubby’s or your baby’s skin”.

At Living Loving, we believe that handmade goods are the things that can make house a home. Not just a handmade souvenir you bought at those craft marketplace, but things that are made with your own two hands. We believe that powerful hands can really do the magic!


That’s why we decided to held a workshop series that aim to help you make your house a happier place called home. We invited Raya Jenie from fold me NOW to share her paper-folding techniques. We can make lots of modern geometric home decor with just a piece of paper, needle, and glue.

And then we’re gonna indulge the sweet tooth by throwing a chocolate making class with Pipiltin Cocoa. You can also learn a fun brush lettering–freehand style–with Miranti to create a custom chocolate packaging. Write your message on the paper and give it to your loved ones.

For those of you who would like to make something for the little ones, join our DIY dollhouse classes where we will assemble a plywood mini house and decorate it with carton furniture. Martha Puri from Ideku Handmade will show you how to draw and paint the house to give it a more delightful look.

You can also dress your wall with your own personalized wall art. Why don’t you try your hands on our print on wood workshop with Putri Santoso from Mola? Putri will share her tips and steps on how to stencil a wood piece and she will also give an extra session of printing on tote bag. So you’ll get to bring home your own wooden wall art and tote bag!

Let’s get creative and add some fun to our house! Go to for registration info!




  • filicia

    whoop! have been following you guys along and so excited for the expanding of this blog. the creative series is a huge inspiration for me. hopefully i can get to join one of your workshop in the future! good luck!


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