So last week I turned 32. And I’m happy that being 30-something, I still can rock with my favorite shoes, Converse. Ahey! I know it sounds so shallow that one of my life goals when I was a kid was to be able to wear things I love no matter how old my age is. But this wish also means a lot. I don’t wanna get trapped with age, and I want to always be true to myself. In the end, it’s your own self that you can count on.

In this 32 years of life, I’m happy that my life is blessed with my little family. They’re the bright lights of my days. I’m happy that I have lovely and caring parents, brothers and sisters (and beautiful cousins!). I’m happy that there are actually kind-hearted people around me that make me realize that sharing makes our lives better. These past few weeks, I’ve been catching up with some of my closest friends. Friends I’ve known for years. Most of these meet ups and good conversations would probably not captured in my social media, but I think that’s the beauty of enjoying the conversation with the right people. It was so good you forgot to take a picture. It felt like the old time. When you simply said hi to a friend, set the time and place, then you met and the conversation went on for hours. I treasure moments like this, and I guess I should invest more time for meaningful conversations.

Anyway, talk about my birthday…last week on September 1 I blew the candles at 00.00 with my husband and daughter who seemed to be more excited than me when Mba Rya, her nanny brought the surprise cake to our bedroom. Then we went to sleep. In the morning, I went straight to the studio for a full day photoshoot job with Kitty Manu. It was a fun one and Kitty brought a plain birthday cake so we could decorate it. Kitty made a wreath from a branch an leaves, while I put a little pine cone on the top of the cake. Tada! A simple birthday cake (we even used it as a prop for our photoshoot ;D). It was actually my birthday wish, to have a plain birthday cake so I can decorate it myself. I’m such a control freak I guess. Haha.

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And the next day, two super sweet surprises came to our studio. Thank you Puri for the Ferrero Rocher Cheese Tart (Puri and me fell in love with this signature cake from Tarterie and Co at first bite last June). And thank you so much my in-laws for the super delicious Boston Cream Cake by Dulcet Patisserie (very chic packaging I must say)


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So many sweets I got on my birthday week. So, we went to Holycow Steakhouse by Chef Afit for a little savoury treat with my family and my parents! I’d been craving for their steak for months, and the restaurant is only 10 minutes away but I decided to wait patiently so I could really practice the mindful ‘Wagyu Tenderloin’ eating experience.

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I think I’ve gain few kilos, folks! But I’m so haaappy like a kid. Thank you so much for all the wishes. I love you. Xx




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  1. besinikel

    9 September

    Terus menginspirasi, yaaa!

  2. Padni

    9 September

    Happy birthday, mba Nike! :D wuatb mba

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