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Seems just like yesterday that we’re celebrating the new year’s eve. But here we are already at the end of the second week of January. As the year changed from 2014 to 2015, we also would like to change our blog’s sections. No, it’s not a major change. We just wanted to reorganize our categories so it would be easier for our blog readers.

You may have noticed some changes on the “categories” section on the top-right corner of this blog. At the end of last year, we both felt that the categories were a little bit cluttered. Some categories were a bit too-general, while some were a little bit…indistinctive. For example, if we were confused about the categories for the post that we wrote, we always put it in the “Loving” section. So for this year, we want to reorganize the posts and create a more understandable categories.


We’ve divided the posts into eight main categories: Craft, Decor, Design, Essentials, Event, Food, Life, and Travel. At the Craft section, you’ll find all of our DIY projects, a story behind a craft product made by local crafters, craft inspirations, and craft book review. You can also find the info about craft stores or craft materials in Resources, a sub-category on Craft section.

On the Decor section, we share about home decor products, home and living store, decor inspirations, and decor book review. We’ve also put our the Lovely Nest articles into that category. You can also find articles about wedding decor or that lovely cafe with cool interior that we’ve visited.

Design section is filled with Color Palette and Save The Date posts, as well as reviews of local products other than craft or decor stuff (think stationery, apparel, or tableware!). If you haven’t read the Save The Date articles, it’s a post about wedding invitation design that we think is too pretty too be missed.

The Essentials section is the  new addition to the categories in Living Loving. It covers various things from wishlist to book review, Instagram recommendation to inspiring profiles, that we think could feed your needs for new things or spark some inspirations for your creative soul. While Events section is, just like you would’ve probable already guess, a place where we put our workshop info, giveaway, and other event announcement as well as past event reports.

So where do the “recipe” category go? No, we didn’t delete it. We’ve just move it to the Food section where it belongs, along with some localmade delicacies. Then we have Life section, a place where we share a bit of our personal moments, thoughts, and ideas on life.

Last but not least, the Travel section where we gather posts about interesting places around the world. You can find the One Day In series here, also other travel stories and our recommended accommodation. If you’re interested in a sub-category, you can click it to view all the related posts on that sub-category only. This works for other sections as well.


We also plan to add some new posts. We’re trying to create a monthly routine articles (and be discipline about the post’s schedule). One of them is Current Favorite where the both of us will take turns each month to tell some interesting stuff that currently catches our interest. The first one will be published next week. Aaand..we also plan to collaborate with some of our blogger friends to put some Blogging Series or post about Writing Tips (it would go into the Essentials section on the blog).

You’ll find these freshly organized categories on our Social Media accounts too, under the hashtags #LLcraft, #LLdecor, #LLevent and so on. So, it would be easier for you to track our content and updates.

Okay, that’s all for now. Sssh, We’ll have a little announcement for you next week. Here’s a sneakpeek!


And for those of you who have something to say about anything related to Living Loving content, please don’t hesitate to post your comment or e-mail us at hello[at]livingloving[dot]net.





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