Back in 2014 when I just started my weaving hobby. It was hard to find another weaving pal. Actually, I had my soon-to-be weaving buddy and she was Diela Maharanie. But she still couldn’t find a time to start. She was the one who told me where to find a weaving kit (it was weaving kit for kids but great for starters too). And in this early 2015, Diela has started her weaving hobby. Yay. So, we finally did our weaving playdate. Our first playdate was just the two of us. Miranti was there too, but she was busy playing with her brush lettering tools. We called Puri of Idekuhandmade to come around and join us. Later, she showed up and started to get to know this fibre art.

We did another playdate this early February, and it was merrier than before. Our second weaving playdate featured eight girls: Me, Diela, Kitty Manu, Sarita Ibnoe, Edita Atmaja, Puri, Ladya Cheryl and Claradevi. It was really fun! Some of us have been weaving for months, others just got started. current-favorite-weaving-playdate current-favorite-weaving-playdate current-favorite-weaving-playdate

current-favorite-weaving-playdateweaving-playdate-livingloving-by-claradevi-1weaving-playdate-livingloving-by-claradevi-4weaving-playdate-livingloving-by-claradevi-martha-puri-idekuhandmade-3weaving-playdate-livingloving-by-claradevi-2Accompanied by Hunger Sandwich (My favorite menu in Pipiltin Cocoa. Yes, it really ease the hunger) and a cup of Latte, I got a chance to get to know my new friends, Edita, Sarita and Ladya. Edita and Sarita have been weaving since last year too, while Ladya just got herself a new loom and ready to weave. The funny part was Kitty. She was actually the first one among us who bought weaving loom. She bought it 5-6 years ago, but she never got her hands on the loom. So we finally made her start weaving. Haha.

Well, here’s my result of this second playdate. We tried this wool roving thing to add some textures.



Thank you, girls. Can’t wait for our next playdate.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to meet other new weaving pals on our Afternoon Delight: Weaving Session. The seats for all two sessions (Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1) are already full booked (THANK YOU, GIRLS!), and I’m thrilled to meet Svasti Manggalia of Svas Living. She will share about her passion for kain tenun and some tips on making a simple woven wall hanging. Living Loving and Svasti had planned to make this weaving session since last year, so I’m excited to know that now there are more people into weaving and willing to learn this ancient craft. ;)

Some photos are courtesy of Claradevi of Lucedale

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